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Concealed Carry in the Car: What to Do with Your EDC in Your Vehicle

If you have your license to carry and conceal carry on a daily basis, chances are you spend some time with your EDC (every day carry) in your vehicle. Sometimes this can complicate things! Over the next few weeks, we will dive into several considerations for concealed carry in the car, starting here with what to do with your firearm in your vehicle.

Carrying Concealed in a car

There are many people who will take their concealed carry setup off when they get into their vehicle. Is this the right approach? If not, what should we do instead? There are a lot of questions on this topic and a lot of things to consider here.

First and foremost, let’s think about the vehicle. My vehicle is a temporary environment I find myself in several times a day for varying lengths of time. The key here is temporary—the vehicle’s purpose is to get me from point A to point B, I frequently get in and out of my vehicle, and there are situations where I may need to quickly exit the vehicle and abandon what is inside. This temporary nature is an important factor to consider when it comes to concealed carrying and therefore we must ask ourselves a few questions that will determine what we do with our concealed carry setup in the car. Let’s dive into each one.

Do I Want to Remove My Firearm from My Person in a Temporary Environment?

When we frame the question like this, the answer is obvious: No, I do not want to remove my firearm from my person in a temporary environment. However, many folks do not necessarily think of their vehicle as a temporary environment, and therefore are comfortable with taking their gun off when they get into the car. If that last sentence describes you, I would encourage you to reframe the way you think about your vehicle.

We often find ourselves in many different environments as we go about our day. For concealed carriers, one thing remains constant: we must have quick and easy access to our firearm, no matter what. If we were to take our firearm off in the car, we may not have quick and easy access to the firearm, and that introduces a lot of room for error.

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