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Review: Crimson Trace BRUSHLINE PRO Riflescope

Choosing a rifle is only the first step. Having the right optics can be the most important step.  I realize that choosing a riflescope can be overwhelming for new shooters. No matter what riflescope you choose, always learn as much as you can about the scope with your own gun and ammunition. (I recommend choosing a rifle ammunition and always staying with the same brand and load.) Recently I was given the opportunity to review the Crimson Trace BRUSHLINE PRO riflescope. I needed a new scope for a .308 caliber rifle I use for whitetail and antelope hunting. I sometimes mentor new hunters with this set up and need a scope for ranges from 100 to 300 yards.  

Crimson Trace is a manufacturer dedicated to producing the highest quality laser sights, tactical lights, electronic sights, and riflescopes for your pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

Sponsored by Crimson Trace

The Crimson Trace lineup of scopes for hunters, dubbed “Brushline,” covers all budgets and all ranges of hunting distances. During my research for choosing the right fit for my needs on the Crimson Trace webpage, I was impressed with the amount of information and technical data available.  It made it easy to choose the right scope for this project. I chose the BRUSHLINE PRO 3 –12×42 mm 30mm tube and CT BDC PRO reticle. 

CT Brushline Pro BDC fine focus

When the scope arrived, I first looked through the glass and checked the reticle. I like being able to see the crosshairs. Also, the subtension for yardage (This allows someone to determine the distance to a target.) came imprinted in a table inside the package. The triangle pictures for drop compensations are very clear. I like them much better than small tick marks. 

BDC-Pro Reticle

The Crimson Trace brand is recognized for high quality and durability. I like knowing my riflescope came designed with a hunter in mind and consequently, offers construction that includes lightweight aerospace grade tubes.  I like knowing I can run-and-gun and not have to worry about the performance of my scope. 

I asked my local gun shop to help me mount, level and bore sight the scope before heading to the range.    

Amy Ray sighting in the .308

Sighting in the Brushline Pro Riflescope

At the range, I made the first shot at the 100-yard target. All three shots fell on the paper. The click value is ¼-inch MOA. I removed the screw-on caps, adjusted the elevation down and the windage over about an inch. The next shot rang true and hit dead center. The reticle has a fine focus located at the rear of the scope. I made some small adjustments to focus and set up for the 200-yard steel targets. Then, using the reticle mark for 200 yards, I centered on the steel and took a shot. The ring of the steel let me know I was on and ready to hunt. 

Overall, my favorite feature of this riflescope would have to be its reticle. I look forward to hunting and being able to adjust my holdover on the go with little to no thought. Having a scope that I have confidence in when in the field is very important to me. The Crimson Trace BRUSHLINE PRO scope gives me just that trust. 

Amy Ray .308
Amy Ray .308

This hunting season, I look forward to knowing my riflescopes are ready to get the job done. Visit Crimson Trace’s website to see the entire line of riflescopes and look for the all-new ballistic calculator as well. There are a range of scopes available for all budgets and multiple choices for hunting success. 

Helpful Hunting Hint: Snap a quick pic of your settings on your riflescope, just in case something happens afield and you need to refer to your original settings.

  • About Amy Ray

    Amy Ray is the owner of The Sisterhood Of The Outdoors, an organization that creates opportunities for women to hunt, shoot and fish. Amy is a pro-staff shooting instructor with Shoot Like A Girl. Amy is certified as an NRA pistol instructor and Refuse to Be A Victim instructor. As a member of the Freedom Hunters advisory board, she helps to expand hunting opportunities for servicewomen, Gold Star wives and daughters of fallen heroes. She also is an avid hunter and shooter and loves mentoring others in the outdoors.