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45 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids from Rogue Preparedness

Are you looking for some fun outdoor activities for kids? We think you’ll love trying any of these 45 ideas from Rogue Preparedness. ~ The Editors

It’s time to start getting kids outdoors! Even if it’s in the backyard, or in the courtyard of your apartment complex, there’s so much to do! In fact, I would encourage parents to do these activities with their kids because, quite frankly, this is all a wonderful learning experience for everyone, not just for kids.

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When we get kids outdoors, they learn things that they would never learn in a classroom or through a book. While those might be a good primers, getting hands on and playing are the best way for kids to learn. And really, it’s the best way for most people to learn.

Truly, these can be done at any age. There’s no age limit for getting outdoors! Some of these may need assistance or strong supervision from adults, but really, kids are a lot smarter and more capable than we give them credit for. Teach them, have patience and have fun! These are specific outdoor activities, you won’t find any ‘go hiking’ or ‘go camping’ here. Because while those are amazing activities, we can expand on those a lot more.

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Many of these ideas will use less conventional toys and tools and try to expand on using what’s in nature, though some of these will involve using minimal tools.

So let’s get right to it.

Here are 45 outdoor activities for kids:

  1. Go on a scavenger hunt for bugs, plants, sticks, rocks
  2. Make “sand” castles out of dirt, mud and sticks
  3. Make a fire using only what’s found from nature (including the fire starter!)
  4. Create a mini primitive shelter for ants (or some other small, imaginary animal or bug)
  5. Make cordage from grass, yucca or other local plant that would make great cordage
  6. Carve a spear (smaller kids will do with adult supervision at all times, or adult will do it while child watches)
  7. Make an arrow from a stick, feathers and a rock
  8. Collect water and purify it (through boiling or with tablets or through a water purification straw)
  9. Positively identify wild edibles and give it a try if you feel comfortable
  10. Learn to whistle with grass
  11. If it snows, melt snow down for drinking water
  12. Again, in the snow, create a small igloo
  13. Find animal tracks, identify what kind of tracks they are and try to follow the tracks for a bit
  14. Climb a tree
  15. Skip rocks
  16. Climb rocks

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    Morgan lives in Texas with her husband, daughters and 2 dogs. She spends most of her time getting outdoors with her daughters, prepping for emergencies and disasters and teaching others how to be prepared. She also enjoys archery, hunting, fishing, firearms, hiking, camping, HAM, Jeeps and generally getting out and exploring life through epic adventures!