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Gear Review: Allure Pack – ‘The Hunting Pack for Women’

It is no secret that standard hunting gear is geared toward men, even if it is marketed as unisex. All women have been there with these products – too tight in the chest and hips, falling off our shoulders, too bulky or baggy in other places. Even though the industry is regularly recognizing women in the field, finding quality women’s gear tends to be few and far between. When I do stumble upon women’s gear, I have been left disappointed in the end leaving me to bite the bullet and left struggling to make the men’s gear work. Enter the Allure pack by Alps Outdoorz.

Gear Review Pack On
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A Good Hunting Pack is Important

In the past few years, I have really come to appreciate a good backpack, which is something a younger me never thought was much of a factor when it came to moving around the woods. All my packs were bright colored and meant for hiking, which left me in the market for a new hunting pack. I quickly found that The Alps Outdoorz Allure pack in Mossy Oak camouflage might be my answer. The Allure pack is one of my least expensive backpacks (at $150) and when it first arrived, I noticed the quality, which my husband vocally admitted he was a bit jealous of.  When researching, I wondered if the 34L pack would allow all my gear to shift around. I would not need that much room for the style of hunting I regularly pursue here in Pennsylvania, but liked the idea of having the option to use the pack on larger hunts out West in the future. Once I physically saw the pack, my worry about gear shifting around quickly fleeted. Take a look for yourself here.

The accessory pockets, accessible from the inside and outside, are an amazing feature that helps with organization and makes the bag much more versatile than I expected. The mesh zipper pockets that are accessible from the inside and outside of the pack cut down on fumbling through the bag when in the stand. My first time carrying the pack out, I loaded down to set up an archery blind with little room to spare. On my return, I had fewer items that never budged the entire walk. Binoculars, knives, gloves, extra hats, my camera, my water and a few toys for my daughter all found a home in the main pocket of the pack. One of the side pockets detaches, perfect to downsize the pack or, what I did, turn into an easy access first aid kit. The waist band also detaches, but the pockets fit my cell phone, which I find rare in backpack waistbands, so I opted to keep it on. The fabric of the bag is soft and very quiet, something I am famous for overlooking when shopping hunting gear and apparel. Less moving, less searching, less noise means this pack is perfect for deer and turkey hunting. 

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The Pack that Keeps on Giving

The Allure pack has so many features big and small. Like I mentioned earlier, the pack is capable of holding a water bladder, not included, in the main compartment with its own pocket and two different ports for the straw on each side. It also has a blaze orange rainfly built in, which comes in handy when caught in wet southwestern Pennsylvania weather, plus having extra orange when hunting public land gives me a better sense of safety when needed. The pack comes with a frame that allows it to stand freely when sat on the ground, a feature that is often overlooked in convenience. I love the free-standing feature for sitting in a ground blind. But if sitting the pack on the ground is not an option, a conveniently placed D-ring gives the option of hanging it in a tree or from the tree stand. The outside side pocket has a “z” shaped strap that helps hold longer items, such as my shooting sticks or camera tripod, perfectly tight to the pack, yet easy to access. At the bottom of the pack, there is a small zipper pocket that hides a drop-down sling to carry my gun or crossbow, allowing hands-free hiking to the stand or for game tracking. 

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Overall, I am very pleased with the Alps Outdoorz Allure pack; there is not much more to ask for in a hunting pack. The fit on my body is comfortable. The storage is spacious, yet organized. There is no need to alter or add accessories; everything you need is already there!  The design of this bag was clearly thought out, did not cut corners and included features I did not know I needed. 

Visit Alps Outdoorz and see the Allure here.

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