Winter Survival For Kids: What Your Children Should Know

How much do you know about winter survival for kids? I know my children usually have their sleds lined up by the garage door by Thanksgiving in anticipation. And I love to watch them play in the snow and ski down a (slightly elevated) hill.

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But the Survival Mom in me wants to make sure they also have some winter survival skills. Here’s how I make sure they know what to do if ever they find themselves in trouble.

Specific skills and knowledge I want them to have.

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The following list includes things that are important to me that my kids know. I’ve included some links to other Survival Mom articles which, while not specifically geared towards winter survival for kids, outline general survival principles that you can adapt to your child’s age and abilities.

Also, for circumstances where your children won’t be with you, impress on them the importance of letting an adult know where they are going and the approximate time they’ll return. The search begins faster and rescue occurs more quickly with this information.

Basic skills and knowledge like these can make the difference between a winter filled with icy fun and bright pink cheeks and noses and one with injuries and accidents.

Other important things about winter survival for kids

In addition to those specific skills and knowledge, I also want them to carry a survival kit and a survival mindset.

Pack a basic winter survival kit

When there’s a chance they’ll be out of my sight, say, when they’re skiing or tramping through the woods, I want them to have a small survival kit with them. Just in case.

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