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Most-Watched New BoatUS Videos of 2021

SPRINGFIELD, VA., Dec. 15, 2021 – Repairing gelcoat is a common boat owner task, but it requires more than just filling in small spider cracks. “How to Spray Gelcoat on a Boat Using a Preval Sprayer,” which shows how to make professional gelcoat repairs over a larger area, was the most-watched new BoatUS video of 2021, from BoatUS Magazine. The second most-watched video on the list, “Bilge Pump Not Working? Here’s How To Troubleshoot the Problem” proves that even in this technological era, boaters continue to be vexed with the age-old issue of keeping water out of the boat.

BoatUS Videos
BoatUS shows you how to use a disposable sprayer to repair gelcoat.

Here are the boating advocacy, services and safety group’s Top 10 most-watched BoatUS videos of 2021:

1.       How To Spray Gelcoat on a Boat Using a Preval Sprayer

2.       Bilge Pump Not Working? Here’s How To Troubleshoot the Problem

3.       Understanding the April 2021 Engine Cutoff Switch Law

4.       Outboard Won’t Start? Try These 3 Simple Fixes First

5.       Replace Gaskets on Deck Hatches & Fishboxes

6.       Planing Powerboat Hull Designs

7.       Signs of Quality in a Boat T-Top

8.       Set Fishing Reel Drag

9.       Flotilla Boat Charter in the Pacific Northwest Slide Show

10.      The Right Way to Use a Fishing Net

About Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS):

Celebrating more than 50 years, BoatUS is the nation’s largest advocacy, services and safety group with more than 800,000 dues-paying members. BoatUS is the boat owners’ voice on Capitol Hill, fighting for their rights. On the water when boats break down or run aground, our 600+ vessel, 300+ location nationwide TowBoatUS® fleet brings our members safely back to the launch ramp, marina or dock, and on the road, we are The Boat Owners Auto Club™ to help ensure a roadside trailer and tow vehicle breakdown won’t slow you down. BoatUS offers GEICO boat insurance policies that give boat owners affordable, specialized coverage and superior service they need. BoatUS Magazine is the largest circulation recreational marine publication in the US with engaging content that speaks to the passion for boat ownership while our 501(c)(3) nonprofit BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water offers the nation’s only free online boating safety course and many other programs that keep boaters safe and our waters clean. Visit BoatUS.com.

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