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Tatiana Whitlock Tells Her Favorite Concealed Carry Methods

Tatiana Whitlock is a strong proponent of women learning how to carry concealed, teaching several classes around the country throughout the year. One of the aspects of carrying is learning about appropriate and safe methods. We took a few minutes to talk with Tatiana to find out how she carries and why she chooses the methods she does.

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How do you carry? On your body or off?

My preferred method of carry is on body, cross-draw appendix. For me I find this the most comfortable location that works with a variety of firearm sizes and allows me to carry in a consistent location every day. While I am not a big fan of off-body carry, there is a time and place for everything. Very rarely will I carry in a well thought out purse due to apparel restrictions, like a having to wear a cocktail dress, or sub-arctic temperatures where bundling up would bury the gun out of reach.  

Tatiana Whitlock Carries Walther PDP
Tatiana Whitlock carrying a Walther PDP (Walther Arms photo)

How do you decide how to carry?

Deciding to carry is a daily recommitment to a promise made to myself – to be here to see my children grow and thrive. Maintaining a clear personal mission makes the inconveniences and hassle of concealment worth the effort. For my body type and firearm of choice, the Walther PDP compact or the Walther PPS, carrying front of body works the best. I will tune my carry location slightly to the right or left of the belly button based on the size of the firearm and select higher or lower waistline pants to ensure a flat fit for optimal concealment. 

Tatiana Whitlock Prefers Appendix Carry and Walther
Tatiana Whitlock prefers appendix carry and her Walther. (Oleg Volk photo)

Does it change depending on certain circumstances such as weather or dress?

Generally, I try to standardize my carry solution to one primary carry position. I select holsters that might change however, where I carry does not. For example, my standard carry in jeans with a belt I utilize a BlackHawk holster; however, should I be wearing yoga pants or a skirt, the Phlster Enigma is my go-to. 

Tatiana Whitlock Carries in Ankle Holster Special Occasion
Tatiana Whitlock carries in an ankle holster for special occasions. (Stephen Fairfield photo)

Only under extreme circumstances, like getting married or wearing a gown, have I changed my on-body carry strategy to ankle carry. For that, I prefer the Wilderness Tactical ankle holster for a comfortable and secure fit. A smaller firearm is required here so I carry the Walther PPS with an RMS optic and a spare magazine. Range of motion is critical and ensuring the garments allow for taking a knee and access to the gun are all tested in advance of the big day. 

Tatiana Whitlock Carries in Wilderness Ankle Holder at Wedding
Tatiana Whitlock carried in a Wilderness Ankle Holder at her wedding. (Stephen Fairfield photo)

What do you consider the pros and cons of how you carry?

Pros to carrying appendix are that I am able to carry a standard sized firearm on a small torso thanks to excellent holsters and well-selected base garments (pants). Cons however, are that due to having a limited amount of “real estate” to work with incorporating other EDC accessories on-body becomes a challenge. The most I’ll have room for is a spare magazine most of the time which places other essential EDC items like a med kit, flashlight, pepper spray, or multitool in my purse or outerwear pockets. Working out a daily strategy for where these items can fit becomes a greater challenge than incorporating the firearm. 

Tatiana Whitlock Appendix Carry with Phlster Enigma Holster
Tatiana Whitlock appendix carry with Phlster Enigma Holster

What are the best tips you can give to others for carrying on- or off-body?

The three best tips for carrying on- or off-body:

  1. You’re going to kiss a few frogs. It’s going to take some work to find the holster solution(s) that work for you. Do not be discouraged by this vital exploratory process. Be willing to test drive a few holsters before you fall in love with the products you can train with and live with.
  2. Find your mantra. Your personal concealed carry WHY is just as important as your concealed carry HOW. Mine is simple, “No one takes me from this earth but God.” Another fantastic one is from the amazing Lynne Givens: “I do not carry a gun to impose my will on others, I carry a gun so no one can impose their will on me.” These are affirming statements that both motivate and anchor you in the commitment to carry even when you just aren’t feeling like it’s worth the hassle. But, and here’s the kicker, you can’t use our mantras – you need to formulate your own. Your mantra is in your words, relevant to your life, and is a show stopper when others ask you why you do this concealed carry thing at all. 
  3. Be brave enough to fail at something new. Training can be intimidating, but it’s worth it! Beyond the carry license and the retail investment comes a lifelong dedication to budgeting financially to annual training. The real value is in the lifesaving skill you cultivate not only through firearms related training but medical, situational awareness, less lethal and verbal skills. Quickly you realize that the firearm is just one piece, albeit an essential one, in the bigger picture of the well-rounded self-defender you will become. Trust me on this, you will love her!

You can find out more about Tatiana’s classes on concealed carry at TatianaWhitlock.com, on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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