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How Much Should I Plant in a Vegetable Garden?

When it comes to vegetable gardening, many people are confused as to the actual amount that you need to plant to sufficiently feed a family. If you are planning to primarily rely on the food from your vegetable garden, are you planning to wing it by planting as much as you can or will you be calculating it to make sure you have enough?


Chances are you’ll be eating some of it fresh and then preserving the rest until the next harvest through canning, dehydrating, pickling or even putting down into a cellar for later use.

We can look to the victory gardens for some assistance in how to determine how much we need to plant. You may not want to set up your garden exactly like the below picture, but we can certainly average out the numbers to fit our needs. And in many cases, you may not even want to grow all these plants as you or your family may not like them.


The type of plot above is demonstrating the use of a fairly small plot for a large yield. This type of plot may be a bit difficult to weed and overall maintain simply because of the small amount of spacing between each plant. Use the victory garden as a guide.

One of the biggest things that I advocate when it comes to growing a garden is to grow what you eat. Same concept as storing what you eat.

Many argue that they want to grow other things that they won’t eat for trade or barter or maybe they’ll just find a way.

But if you want to trade or barter certain plants, keep the seeds around in a vacuum sealed bag, I wouldn’t recommend taking up space growing something that you hope you’ll be able to get rid of. If you have chickens or other animals that will enjoy it regardless, then you may want to go ahead and take the chance to grow it.

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