Top 25 Best Foods to Dehydrate at Home

If you’re not dehydrating yet, you should be! Dehydrating is an easy, effective way of preserving food. It’s one of my absolute favorite ways to preserve food.

Dehydrating is simple and efficient. Prepare food, place food in dehydrator, turn it on, walk away for 3-12 hours.

That’s it!


How long will dehydrated foods last?

Dehydrated foods will last anywhere from 1-5 years, depending on how they’re stored. And also depending on who you ask! I’ve had dehydrated foods last several years, when everyone said they’d only last a few months. Dehydrate them properly and store them properly to extend the life for as long as needed/wanted.

The two best ways to store are:

  • In a mason jar with an oxygen absorber.
  • In a mylar bag with an oxygen absorber.

Remember, that whenever you open your jar or mylar bag and intend on closing it back up, a new oxygen absorber needs to be added. The same oxygen absorber cannot be reused.

Once sealed, the jar or mylar bag should be placed in a cool, dark place.

Some of the main keys to making your food last as long as possible is to get rid of all the fats and properly preserve food when preparing it. I’ll talk more about that with each food.

I love to make snacks and meals with these foods. I’ll link to my favorite food recipes below.

How to rehydrate dehydrated foods

For cold rehydrating, measure out a cup of the dehydrated food, then fill water up to the 2 cup mark. Essentially, it’s usually about twice as much water is needed to cold rehydrate. It usually takes about 1-2 hours to full rehydrate using the cold water method.

To rehydrate using boiling water, add 1 cup of dehydrated food then 2 cups of water. Bring to a full boil for about 5-10 minutes. They should plump up pretty quickly.


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