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52 Weeks Savings Plan: Find Great Deals In October

With the changing of the seasons comes the opportunity to take advantage of end-of-summer sales and other great deals at your local stores. The Survival Mom tells us what to look for, and how to stay on track with your budget, this fall. ~ The Editors

October means there are pumpkins everywhere – from decorations to drinks. Are they popping up in your town?

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Thanks to October, there are also great deals to be found everywhere. This is a big month for stores to replace summer items with fall decorations and preparations for winter. The main holidays in October are Columbus Day (8) and Halloween (31).

October deals on food

Many items on sale this month are perfect for starting or stocking up food storage. Canned fruits and vegetables, soups and broths and dried fruit will be on sale. These are great for food storage pantries.

LEARN MORE: New to the idea of food storage or just want more information? Here’s a page full of resources and tutorial videos for you!

52-Week-October great deals

Mushrooms and fair trade products should also be on sale this month. Mushrooms can easily be dehydrated and, then, powdered for your own, homemade mushroom powder. Instructions here.

Baking supplies go on sale and if you plan ahead to the fall and winter holidays, you could save some money on holiday baking ingredients. Look for deals on baking chips, cake and bread mixes, frosting, jello and pudding, canned pie mixes, pie crusts, baking pans and non-stick spray. October is National Seafood Month, so you’ll be able to find deals and coupons on fish, shellfish, sauces and breading mixes.

TIP: Baking ingredients can be stored long-term but each individual item has different storage requirements and shelf lives. Read this short article for full details.

With football season in full swing, you could see deals on pizza delivery from several companies. (Pizza freezes pretty well.)

Produce in season this month are:

Many of these items can be frozen, canned or dehydrated. For the Survival Mom’s tips on long-term food storage here are instructions for doing that.

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