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Training Drills

Women’s Outdoor News and Avery Skipalis bring you an article on how to take your range training sessions to the next level, especially when you’re training by yourself. You can spice up your training routine by adding drills. Long gone are the days of having a boring, solo range date. 

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Before I head to the range, I make sure I have a plan. That typically consists of working on pre-identified areas of weakness. However, there’s nothing wrong with going to the range to have a fun day of plinking, which can be a great stress reliever. Regularly incorporating shooting drills can help you work on multiple areas at once. Utilizing a shot timer will provide you with data and enable you to track your progress. Be sure to keep a log of your times and compare them to known performance standards; this comparison will give you a gauge of your current skill level.

Training Drills

The Baer Standard Drill 

The Baer Standard Drill works on drawing from your holster, shot placement and reloads. 

Recommended equipment: 

Round count: 13

The Baer Solutions drill

How to perform this drill: 

1. From the holstered position, and your hands off the gun and at your sides, on the signal draw and engage the left or the right 6-inch x 3.5-inch rectangle with five rounds.

2. Transition to other rectangle and engage with five rounds.

3. Perform a slide lock reload and engage the center circle with three rounds.

The William Drill 

The William Drill works on managing recoil, throttle control, improving aim, drawing speed and targeting.

Recommended equipment: 

  • USPSA target with a high center chest scoring area
  • Shot timer (recommended but not required)
  • Your firearm of choice
  • Holster
  • Belt
  • Ammo

Round count: 6

The William Drill target

How to perform this drill:

From the holster at 7 yards, at the start signal, draw and fire five shots into the high center chest of the target, then fire one shot to the head.

Training Drills Recap

With the help of the Baer Standard Drill and The William Drill, you now have a couple of new training tools to add to your toolbox. These drills can be accomplished during both live and dry fire. You can also record yourself running these drills and analyze them for improvement areas. You can also share these videos with your colleagues to create friendly training challenges. Mastering these drills will arm you with confidence in your abilities.

Baer Drill on the range

Skip’s Tip for Training Drills

Now, let’s get to the Skip’s Tip on how to make your range sessions easier on your budget. Accomplish this by incorporating a GLOCK 44 (.22LR) into your training sessions. The GLOCK 44 closely resembles the GLOCK 19, which helps you get some cheap reps on a pistol that mimics what you carry. On average, .22LR ammunition costs 10 cents per round versus 9mm, which is 35 cents per round, saving over 20 cents per round. The cost savings will add up quickly when you’re shooting these drills! 

Hopefully, you have a few new ideas on how to capitalize on your range time and prevent you from wasting ammo, dumping magazines without any clearly defined training objectives. 

  • About Avery Skipalis

    Avery Skipalis is the owner of Skip’s Tactical Solutions, an organization that focuses on empowering women, men and children to make sure that no one else becomes a victim. She gained her firearms experience from the military where she’s been a military firearms instructor for 10.5 years. She’s also a certified NRA rifle and pistol instructor and Glock Advanced Armorer since 2015. She’s attended Sig Sauer Academy, FNH, Special Operations Command Armorers courses as well as multiple Advanced Shooting Schools across the United States. She resides in Florida with her husband and 2 kids. She’s currently serving in the United States Air Force and loves sharing her passion with others. She thinks it’s important that women also feel like they’re in control of their own safety.