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My First Ice Fishing Experience for Lake Simcoe Perch

I am excited to have partnered with Ontario Parks for this Lake Simcoe perch fishing experience.

Aside from a quick outing for a few hours on the way to a trade show a few years back, I hadn’t had a true Lake Simcoe ice fishing experience. When Ontario Parks reached out to me about exploring Lake Simcoe at Sibbald Point Provincial Park this winter, I was thrilled and instantly on board! As one of the most popular ice fishing destinations in North America, Lake Simcoe is home to many sought-after species including: yellow perch, whitefish, lake trout, northern pike, burbot, and more. Anglers travel from near and far to explore these renown waters and there’s some true trophy fish found here!

Ashley Rae Perch Fishing

I quickly got to work planning the trip and invited some company to join me for this adventure, including my partner, Eric, and our friends Pam and Adam. All from the Ottawa area, this would be a new experience for each of us. Good friend and local angler to Simcoe area, Dave Chong, caught wind of our outing and reached out to invite us to join him for a perch adventure. Dave’s friend, Lyle, would also be joining us later in the day for a few hours. I knew we were all in store for a fun time!

Sibbald Point Provincial Park

Our fishing adventure began at Sibbald Point Provincial Park, which is located on the southern shore of Lake Simcoe. The main road and parking lot are maintained by Park staff during the winter which provides great access for walking out onto the ice, or driving out for those with ATVs, snowmobiles or vehicles (when conditions are safe to do so). I used the new online booking system for daily vehicle permits which made it quick and easy to ensure parking at this popular access area.

parking lot at Sibbald Point Provincial Park

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