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Gabby Franco: Three Drills for the Walther PDP F-Series

Reading all the glowing reviews of the Walther PDP F-Series had me itching to try it out for longer than just the few shots I took at an event. The first thing I did when I received the Walther was to add the Crimson Trace “CT RAD Micro (Red)” red dot and then I got the holster for the Crossbreed Belly Band Modular system to carry it.

Walther Arms PDP Series F

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Then I asked Walther pro-shooter Gabby Franco for three good drills that I should do to get used to this new handgun, a gun that was created for smaller hands such as we both have. Here’s what she had to say:

  1. Finding Your Point of Impact

Practice bringing your red dot up to your eyes to find it quickly during your dry fire session. Then, you’ll want to shoot between five and seven yards, 10 yards at the most. Use different size targets for each. At five yards, use a smaller target, at seven use a medium-size target. Recognize that at five yards you may see a difference in the point of aim compared to the point of impact depending on the distance your gun is sighted in. 

  1. Precision Shooting

I find great value in starting my training with precision shooting. I move forward on my training only if I’m shooting accurately on my first precision shooting drills. Why would I move forward and do any other drill when there’s something that I am doing incorrectly and needs to be fixed? Your brain will always gravitate to what it is familiar with, like a firearm you have practiced with for a long time. Therefore, you have to give your brain time to adjust to a new pistol by doing precision shooting to make meaningful adjustments when needed.

Shorter Length of Pull on Walther PDP F-Series
Shorter Length of Pull on Walther PDP F-Series
  1. Increasing Your Speed

Then work on taking three to five shots in a row a little faster. Shooting three or five rounds at a time will help you get used to the recoil and see if you need to make any corrections to your grip or finger placement. You can make the necessary corrections to adjust to the size and length of the new grip without wasting your ammo – which has become expensive. Then, you can work on pressing the trigger faster and maintaining the same level of accuracy, if possible, as you get more comfortable with your new pistol.

Walther PDP F-Series fits small hands

Final Thoughts

I would say the most important thing is to be patient. People may think the new gun doesn’t work for them when they have only shot it for a short period. The truth is that it takes time for your brain to break habits. The short-term goal is NOT forgetting your habits with your old firearm, but replacing them with new ones. When I hear people say they don’t like a particular gun after only shooting a few rounds, I tell them that their bodies and brain will generally reject what is not habitual. For example, the first time I held the PDP F-series, I thought that even though it fit great in my hands, it felt weird because I was so used to gripping handguns with big grips. However, with training and dry firing, I was able to get more comfortable with my new pistol and appreciate how much better I shoot with it. Thus, my advice to you is to be patient when changing platforms and enjoy the journey of improving your shooting skills with a firearm that fits YOU well. Remember that patience is key.

Walther PDP F Series

The Walther PDP F-Series is available with either a 3.5-inch barrel or 4-inch barrel. The MSRP is $699.00.

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