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The Sisterhood of the Outdoors: Kelly Bramblett’s First Hunt Ever

Kelly Bramblett decided to try hunting for the first time on a duck hunt in Arkansas. She chose to attend a duck/goose hosted by The Sisterhood of the Outdoors last December. Kelly works in the shooting sports industry, but hadn’t actually hunted until this opportunity presented itself. Here’s what she has to say about her first hunt ever.

group of lady duck hunters arkansas

What’s your story?

I grew up in rural Arkansas, so there was a lot of wildlife around me. My dad was not a hunter. He was a sports guy so I learned more about sports than hunting. I knew people that hunted, but I never had the opportunity to do it. 

I work for Troy Industries (Clarksville, Tenn.) – US customer and sales manager – and sell AR-15s. Previously, I sold ammunition. I didn’t know anything about guns or ammo when I started, so I just dove into it and learned everything I could – working in customer service and sales, just absorbing everything. My first shooting experiences happened at work, going to the range with my team and sales reps.

Kelly Bramblett with her first mallard
Kelly Bramblett with her first mallard

Since this is your very first hunt ever, how did you prepare for it?

I did research. I did Google searches on what to expect. I watched YouTube videos of duck hunting. I started tuning into the Outdoor Channel catching duck hunts just to see what it was like and asking some friends for their advice, and what I needed.

Kelly Bramblett Lana Van Winkle
Kelly Bramblett with Lana Van Winkle

Why ducks?

Having worked in the outdoor industry for a while, I’ve been wanting to learn to hunt. I started following The Sisterhood of the Outdoors, looking at their hunts and with the timing of the hunts, I decided to “pull the trigger” on this one. No reason for ducks in particular, but I am interested in learning to hunt other game as well. 

Did you have any experience shooting a gun before this hunt?

Yes, I’ve been familiar with shooting rifles and handguns, but not shotguns. I did go shoot clays once before coming here. 

duck hunting arkansas mallard

What do you want to hunt next?

Turkeys, deer and elk. I’d like to fill the freezer with meat with all kinds of different game.

Is this something you see doing with your husband in the future?

Yes, possibly; my husband is not a hunter now, but he is interested in it. Once he sees my excitement and that I’m going to continue with this, he may start showing more interest and decide to join me. 

Duck Hunting with SOTO

What are some things about duck hunting that appeal to you?

Being outside in the early mornings. That’s not something I do in my day-to-day routine. The excitement of watching the ducks come closer and taking that shot. I really like being outside, enjoying nature and watching the ducks fly. Now, I think I’m going to notice ducks flying and their patterns and sounds a lot more. 

How’s this first experience been?

I love it, and it’s got me hungry for more, for sure. I’m definitely going to look for more opportunities to get outside to hunt. I can see myself sitting in a deer stand. It makes me excited to experience more.

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