Top 10 Ways to Practice Situational Awareness Everyday

Morgan Rogue, of Rogue Preparedness, is a valuable prepping resource for us at The WON. In this post, she explains why situational awareness is a crucial skill to develop and hone in everyday life activities. ~ The Editors

Situational awareness is talked about so often but still few even know what it is or why it’s even important.

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Essentially, situational awareness is simply being aware of what’s going on around us so that we can see things coming and take action, preferably before it even happens.

Being situationally aware is basically being mindset of exactly what’s going on in the moment. You’re not thinking about all the chores you have to do, you’re not thinking about the argument you just had; you’re completely focused and in the moment, observing the world around you.

Top 10 Ways TO Practice Situational Awareness Everyday

Situational awareness should be practiced everywhere, not just in urban environments. It should be practiced when you’re out hiking, at home and even at friends homes. Being aware of what’s going on around us keeps us safe and allows us to be ready to take action should we need to.

Here are 10 ways that we can practice situational awareness everyday:

People Watch

One of the best ways to understand people is to watch people! Not in a creepy way, of course. Spend a few minutes a day to observe the people around you. Look at how they walk, what they’re wearing, how they’re expressing themselves through nonverbal movement and so on. Watch how people act and react. You’ll discover a lot about people, and most likely about yourself, as well, just by watching people.

Be Mindful

Practice being ‘in the moment’. Notice the sights, smells, sounds and everything in between. When you’re truly mindful of your surroundings, all of your senses are engaged. You hear everything, you notice small changes, you are fully engaged with the world around you, thus you’re able to act or react a lot quicker if anything were to happen.

Find The Exits

This is always a fun game with yourself and others. Wherever you go, spot the exits. Anything can be an exit, even if it’s not officially marked as one. Windows, loading/unloading zones, back doors, offices that lead out, etc. Make it a game to see how many exits everyone can find.

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  • About Morgan Rogue

    Morgan lives in Texas with her husband, daughters and 2 dogs. She spends most of her time getting outdoors with her daughters, prepping for emergencies and disasters and teaching others how to be prepared. She also enjoys archery, hunting, fishing, firearms, hiking, camping, HAM, Jeeps and generally getting out and exploring life through epic adventures!