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Donna Anthony’s Off Body (Purse/Bag) Conceal Carry Course

Are you considering carrying off-body, or do you already carry off-body? I highly recommend the online Off Body (Purse/Bag) Conceal Carry Course from Donna Anthony of Point Blank Firearms and Self Defense Training, featuring Gun Tote’n Mamas’ bags. There is even an 18-minute video with Donna interviewing Claudia Chisholm, GTM’s founder. I completed her conceal carry course a few months ago and want to share some tips I learned that will benefit you.

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Donna Anthony

First, if you don’t know about Donna Anthony’s background, this resume should impress you. Donna is currently a police chief with a department in Alaska. She’s also the owner of Point Blank Firearms & Self Defense Training, LLC. With more than 20 years of law enforcement and security experience, she also has served as a police officer in Alaska, and before that, a deputy sheriff in Ohio. During her time as an officer, she was a school resource office, field training officer and investigator assigned to the Alaska State Trooper Statewide Drug Task Force Unit in an undercover capacity. She also served as a case officer in several state and federal cases. She has also worked throughout Alaska with many law enforcement agencies including the U.S. Marshals, DEA, ATF and FBI.

Donna Anthony headshot

Donna has completed extensive training in these disciplines: SWAT, Rapid Response to an Active Shooter, Tactical Vehicle Assault, Tactical Firearms, Hostage Negation, Tactical Raid Planning, Undercover Techniques, Tactical Narcotics Techniques, Anti-Terrorism Training, Law Enforcement Prevention & Deterrence of Terrorist Acts, Tactical Operations Planning, FEMA Intermediate for Expanding Incidents, FEMA Advance Incident Command & General Staff-Complex Incidents.

She has received numerous commendations for her outstanding service, as well as a lifesaving award for valor.

Online conceal carry class

About the Conceal Carry Course

Donna’s 18-lesson online course includes quizzes, videos, graphics, interviews and more. She imparts techniques for holding and carrying a concealed carry purse or bag. The class combines dry-fire practice exercises for drawing off-body, reloading while moving and defensive shooting fundamentals. She also includes “fitting” your pistol in your purse for a consistent draw as well as understanding the risks, safety factors and skills related to off-body carry.

Conceal Carry Course Takeaways

I don’t want to give away too much about this online conceal carry course, but here are the three lessons I found very informative aside from her teaching the draw. 

Donna Anthony Action vs Reaction

In lesson two, Donna begins by explaining the OODA Loop. Then, she shares a video demonstrating action versus reaction.  

Donna anthony shooting from purse

Donna shoots through a purse in lesson eight. She thoroughly explains and shows what happens to the purse and firearm. 

Donna Anthony shooting through purse

Donna’s demonstration and tips in lesson 13 for up-close shooting are eye-opening and thought-provoking. It’s important to consider different situations that one may encounter. 

Cerino certificate conceal carry class

The course ends with a multiple-choice quiz in which every student must score 80% in order to receive a certificate. 

Find more information and register for Donna Anthony’s Off Body (Purse/Bag) Conceal Carry Course here

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