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The Women’s Gun Show Episode #29: Gun Books for Your Library

This week, in show #29, Carrie Lightfoot and Barbara Baird discuss great gun books for your library. Carrie interviews Top Shot’s Chris Cheng, who wrote a book!

Barb talks about taking a “what type of dog would you be” test:

what type of dog are you

Barb took this test and wound up being compared to this breed of dog — similar to the one that she talked to Carrie about in the podcast this week.

Firearms news you can use

Knife attack stopped by a gun:

Black Friday Gun Sales:

Cool products
camo ammo thin blue line necklaceThin Blue Line necklace:

christmas-gun-leggingsUgly Christmas Gun Leggings in Print All Over Design:

Chris ChengChris Cheng interview

Watch Chris Cheng instructive videos on the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s YouTube channel:
Book list

Chris Cheng, Shoot to Win: Tips, Tactics and Techniques to Help You Shoot Like a Pro

Julie Golob, shoot: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition:

Gabby Franco, TroubleShooting: Mastering your Pistol Marksmanship, Vol. 1:

Navy SEAL Chris Sajnog, Navy SEAL Shooting: of Jeff Cooper’s books:

Massad Ayoob, In the Gravest Extremes:

A Time to Kill:

NRA Guide Personal Protection in the Home:

Gunproof Your Children:

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TWAW books and dvds:

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  • About Barbara Baird

    Publisher/Editor Barbara Baird is a freelance writer in hunting, shooting and outdoor markets. She is a contributing editor at "SHOT Business," and her bylines are found at several top hunting and shooting publications, including NRA, NSSF and Field & Stream.


The Conversation

One Comment
  • Kandy Harrell says: December 8, 2016 at 5:31 am

    A few other good books:
    ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg
    ‘The Talent Code’ and ‘The Little Book of Talent’ by Daniel Coyle
    ‘The Gift of Fear’ by Gavin Debecker
    ‘The Law of Self Defense’ by Andrew Branca