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The Women’s Gun Show Episode #49: What Women Want on the Range

In this week’s show, firearms trainer Stacy Bright steps in to substitute for Carrie Lightfoot, and talks to the show’s other host, Barbara Baird, about what women want on the range – in regard to training, attitude and gear. The pair also discuss trending news in the firearms world, and talk about cool products and upcoming events. Sponsored by Ruger.

what women want on the range

Stacy Bright is on the right, smiling at another self-protector at a recent The Well Armed Woman event.

Stacy announces a new type of class, taught in Springfield, Mo., and called “The Armed Citizen”:

Stacy Bright morel hunter

Stacy found a cache of morel mushrooms and enjoyed them later, dipped in cracker crumbs/egg combo and fried in bacon grease.

What Women Want on the Range

Stacy explains that women want to be treated like men, as far as respect and concern for knowledge levels, when they go to ranges or to gun stores.

Here are some tips that she gives:

  • Take a friend with you to the range, as a safety buffer
  • Check to see if there’s a ladies night, or women’s group at the range
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions
  • Make sure the range is safe and that you feel comfortable there

Survival Story

Stacy finds a report of an elderly woman who took the initiative in the middle of the night to warn an intruder. Note: Firing warning shots might be an illegal method in your state: 

Firearms New You Can Use

Barb found a news story about a man who shot a hole in his pocket and into the church floor on Easter:

Stacy notes that criminals love to find your unsecured guns during home burglaries:

 Cool products

Stacy raves about 5.11 Tactical’s new Wyldcat range pant. Barb agrees: remora holsterBarb reminds folks not to be like the Easter guy, and to use a good, no great, pocket holster for any guns that you want to carry in this manner:

 TWAW Product of the Week

TWAW balmshot lip balmStacy likes the packaging and the makeup of this item, lip balm with sunscreen:

The WON’s Post of the Week

dry fire practice

Barb chose this post, “Dry Fire – Why You’ll Want to Make the Time,” by Annette Doerr: Check out this advice on how to practice dry fire safely.

Calendar: What’s up?   

TTBB_Skeet_FINAL-300Barb likes the idea of these Ta Ta Bang Bang events this year, to raise money for breast cancer non-profit clinics, hospitals and testing:

Stacy found a Well Armed Woman event that’s soon to happen in Oklahoma:

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