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Babbs in the Woods: Beat the Christmas shopping rush! Shop online at your tree stand

barb-baird-out-standing-in-field2The phone rang three times late that afternoon – all from the same gal pal who just had told me she was headed out to her tree stand with a bow. I could hear leaves rustling and what sounded like heavy breathing, as she ascended her tree stand. I kept answering the phone, in case she had fallen or something.

It turns out she was speed dialing while climbing because her phone was in her pants pocket and she has bony hips.

I heard on the news today that at least 40 percent of shoppers have already started shopping for Christmas, and I laughed and told my husband, “Not even 40 percent of my friends! They’re out in tree stands!” Because, I bet most of the early shoppers are women. Call me sexist.

Stay with me now … so, today I’m talking to Ellen Benitz, Regional Director for the National Wild Turkey Federation, who lives in St. Joseph, Mo. She is coordinating, along with WITO member Karla Ledom, a doe hunt in northwest Missouri starting on Nov. 27-29 – yes, that would be the #1 shopping weekend of the year for Christmas – and is slightly worried that some women might not want to hunt that day!

doe hunt

WITO doe hunt in Missouri, Dec. 2009.

This is the same place where I shot two does within two minutes on a WITO hunt last December. This year, Missouri swapped the antlerless and muzzleloader portions of the season. Ellen thinks this will be great because the second rut might be in swing and also the does will be on the move.

I encourage you to consider shopping later and taking advantage of hunting if you’re interested. Ellen says a mother and her 14-year-old daughter already have signed up to hunt together for the first time at this WITO event. And also, here’s another reason not only to hunt, gals, but also to take your kids hunting with you – even if you learn together.

According to research in The Future of Hunting and The Shooting Sports, Responsive Management and The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), “Hunting participation by the female parent nssfresearchincreased the likelihood of higher participation rates for both sons and daughters, compared to male parental participation. If a male parent hunted 10-19 days, the participation rate for sons (46%) and daughters (13%) was considerably less than if a female parent hunted 10-19 days; in that case, 64% of sons and an estimated 50% of daughters participated (Leonard 2007).” See page 39 of the report.

Says NSSF Director of Research and Analysis Frank Briganti, “The point is that any activity that involves the entire family has a greater probability of long term participation. And one of the key findings is that the female in the household is pivotal in how the family spends its time.”

So, mamas out there – take your girls and boys hunting and shopping. I bet they’ll remember the hunting trips longer.

~Barbara Baird

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