Guru Huntress: She says it’s OK to pick this ‘Booger’

newnancyjoHow many times have you broken a sweat climbing to that perfect height, meticulously positioning your climber, only to find that upon searching for something in your coat pocket or backpack you discover it lying on the ground at the base of your tree?  Or plucked a bow string out of boredom during an extended sit in your stand only to watch your broadhead-tipped arrow plummet to the ground below, or even worse, rest awkwardly on the shrub between you and the base of your tree? Or heard that distinguishing “thunk” sound when something unknown has fallen from your backpack and hit the ground below?

What now? Do you work your climber back down the tree, only to have to start all over again? Do you let the item lie there and make do without it unless it is absolutely necessary to your hunt? Do you disregard the fact that one of your hands is freezing because your glove is nested cozily on the ground below?  Or worst case scenario, do you watch the life of your fresh new batteries drain out of your hunting flashlight  that is eerily casting a beam of light across the ground below?

Sit fast my fellow hunters; I am going to tell you how you can retrieve items with a Booger.

Booger w O RingI have come across the ideal gadget to help you retrieve items without ever leaving your seat – The The Booger by Walnut Grove Hunting Products. The Booger is a small metal clamp-style gadget that is capable of retrieving any type item. It can be used to pick up gloves, hats, facemasks, releases, calls, arrows and even bottles containing scents, water or any liquid. When you are not using the Booger to retrieve items, it can be hung from a tree to make the ideal hook to hang your backpack on.

The Booger is proudly made in the USA of 1/8” steel and is small enough to keep conveniently in your backpack or coat pocket, and can even be attached to your backpack.  The Booger is easy to use by pulling the fingers apart and setting the trigger tips into the holes on the back of clamp-style device. This will hold the fingers cocked so that you can lower the device down to the item you want to retrieve. Once you have lowered the Booger to a few inches over the item, you drop the Booger, which triggers the mechanism to clamp shut and it grabs the item, holding it securely so you can retrieve the item.

The Booger comes with a special rubber O ring that can be attached easily over the end fingers and edge of the gadget for retrieving smooth surfaced objects such as water bottles or arrows. Also available is the optional storage pouch that can attach to your belt or stand rail with the Velcro tabs. You can use your hoist rope or you can purchase a specially rigged rope from the manufacturer to attach to the Booger.

The Booger w PouchThe Booger retails for $24.95 and can be ordered at Walnut Grove Hunting Products online store at  Being proudly known as a “gadget geek”, you can rest assured that this is one Booger you will find in my backpack this season.

~Nancy Jo Adams

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The Conversation

  • Nancy Jo Adams says: October 19, 2009 at 11:18 am

    Deb…I know that they sell a Birthday card at CVS and Walmart that says “I picked this one especially for you on your Birthday!” and it is a picture of an old toothless man picking his nose on the front or inside….that would be too funny!! That is something I would have done to my brother…LOL!!

    Thanks for the comment. Have a wonderful world we live in when we can all share Boogers!!

  • Kirstie Pike says: October 16, 2009 at 9:25 am

    A BOOGER…with an ‘O’ Ring… Who knew! What a cool concept! Thanks Nanci Jo!

  • Deb Ferns says: October 16, 2009 at 9:18 am

    Just this morning I was wondering what to get my brother for his birthday coming up. I’m going to get him a BOOGER! The name alone will make him laugh and I know the gadget will be handy to him for the upcoming deer season. Good article!