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She Apparel's C-4 System revoltuionizes women's cold weather apparel

SHE Outdoor Apparel raises the bar in women’s cold weather apparel with the introduction of the unprecedented C4 System.

Unlike any product on the market the C4 System offers women a unique high performance technical garment system that is fashionable and field proven by an elite team of professional outdoorswomen. C4 is warm, waterproof, wind resistant and whisper quiet. C4 consists of jacket, pants, vest and accessories specially tailored for the shape of the female hunter.


The design team incorporated body mapping technology with ARC ArcticShield™ and 3M Thinsulate® to develop a lighter more precise insulated layering system. The high quality construction in C4 keeps you dry in extreme weather, withstands arctic conditions and outperforms the competition. The entire system’s 440 Gram Fleece Shell is completely waterproof, including flat-felled seams for maximum durability and waterproof zippers.

SHE’s patent pending zipper attachment system joins the vest and pants together to create stylish form-fitting bibs that retain heat and keep moisture out. The unique design keeps the zipper system out of sight, yet easily accessible, allowing the vest and pants to be quickly separated and rejoined in the field. Every female hunter will recognize and appreciate the advantages of this feature. The vest and pants can also be worn separately without sacrificing fashion. When worn without the vest, the pants are specially designed with a snap-down waistband that creates a belt holder.

Neoprene side panels allow the vest to move with you. Adjustable shoulder straps that secure with hook and loop ensure proper fit. Angled waist pockets and princess seams flatter the feminine figure. The scoop back hem allows more coverage.

Pants have hidden leg cinches with calf length zippers that are not bulky, allowing over the boot coverage. Thigh pockets and seat pockets also have waterproof zippers. Knee darts for flexibility, a reinforced seat and thigh-deep front pockets enhance the performance of the garment.

The C4 System’s jacket is performance enhanced to maintain body heat without heavy bulk. Neoprene cuffs with tabs allow you to tighten them as needed. The neoprene neck collar, cinch cords on the hood, and inside cinch waist draw cords ensure a secure fit to keep out the cold. Hidden pockets inside the jacket, and angled outer waist pockets with waterproof zippers allow for storage and quick access to needed items. Under arm vents give the garment breathability upon exertion. A harness slit in the upper back of the jacket enables the use of a safety harness when hunting from treestands. Attention to every detail enhances the C4 System right down to its long zipper pulls that are easier to use with gloves and storm flap for added warmth.

Accessories in the C4 System include Base Gloves. This flexible glove with ArcticShield™ is thin, lightweight, and fitted for a female hand with adjustable straps at the wrist. The fingers and palm have a soft yet durable finish and small finger vents allow moisture to escape. They can be worn alone, or under the SHE Cold Glove. SHE Cold Glove with ArcticShield™ Quiet RE-Tain™ allows for optimal performance in the harshest conditions. The brushed tricot outer layer is wind resistant, water resistant, and breathable to help release unwanted moisture. The thumb flap and fingers flap are each silently secured with magnets to hold strong. A bead textured grip covers the palm, and soft fleece wristband ensures maximum comfort. All tailored for the shape of the female hunter’s hand. SHE Beanie has you covered for the cold. ArcticShield ™ Quiet RE-Tain™ technology keeps your head warm and prevents precious heat from escaping. The outer shell is made of a soft brushed tricot which is water repellent, wind resistant, and breathable, while the inside is lined with a soft and comfortable, wicking fleece to help with moisture control. Designed to fit a woman perfectly, the beanie includes a slit for your pony-tail.

Professional hunters Kandi Kisky, Vicki Cianciarulo, Brenda Potts and SHE Outdoor Apparel’s president and lead designer Pam Zaitz collaborated on the C4 System to create the ultimate performance apparel for women all in one comprehensive system. The C4 System will be available in Realtree AP HD Camouflage at dealers nationwide as early as the summer of 2009. To order your C4 System or check out the other collections available from SHE Outdoor Apparel visit http://www.shesafari.com/.

SHE Outdoor Apparel is a Texas based company and creator of the original SHE Safari. They also produce SHE Upland, SHE Camo, SHE Shooting and SHE Style Collections.

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