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Watching the light factor happen on a shooting line

She just happened to be wearing that yellow windbreaker, which made her pop.

I was surprised at the Orlando Bass Pro Shops Media Day in Orlando 2007 when our daughter, Jackie, said she wanted to try shooting Sig handguns. There was no one on the line at the time, and so she stepped right up there. I warned her that the guns were .45s. I asked her if she’d mind if her old dad would take some photos of her shooting. She said she didn’t and proceeded to shoot P220s and 1911s. I shot my Canon EOS 20D.

Photo by Jason Baird.

Photo by Jason Baird.

I decided it would be interesting to have all the others who came to the line to shoot featured, too. I thought the color contrast between her jacket and the background would make an interesting photo – and so I captured not only the other shooters, but also the Sig instructor on her right shoulder. I looked at the play of light on her jacket and her hair. If you look closely at her SunBuster shooting glass lenses, you can see me, the photographer, reflected. Her mom likes the photo because it represents the strength found in our daughter – a young woman making her way in the world.

~Jason Baird


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  • Tammy Ballew says: November 12, 2009 at 8:49 am

    I love this picture, Jason. The photo really does bring the scene to life with the lighting as you pointed out.