Gear Court: Terri Lee sentences the Never Guess Rangefinder to a lifer … of hunting with her

TL photoMy biggest obstacle in bow hunting has been the fact that I don’t judge distance very well. Maybe it is the fact that I didn’t ever need to when rifle hunting in the woods of Wisconsin, or maybe it was that I was learning how far away things were, from other people that really couldn’t judge distance either. All I know is that it was hindering me from shooting my target.

I started looking at rangefinders, but it was hard to figure out what I needed. I really didn’t want one more thing to have to pick up and put back down to figure out how far away my target was. With two people in the stand while filming, we have more movement than we needed already. I tried “stepping off” certain spots, but if the deer didn’t stop in exactly that spot, how far was my judgment going to be off at that point?NeverGuess Rangfinder

The truth is, I no longer worry about distance, because I found the NeverGuess Rangefinder. Made for bow hunters, it straps tightly onto my left forearm. One simple push of a button against the bow handle, at full draw, and the laser shoots me back the yardage in an instant. No extra movement to scare away the prey. If the prey moves, I can still range it again without ever letting down on my bow.  It even accounts for the angle, when I am 35 feet up in a tree.

NeverGuess Rangefinder is a very sturdy product and easy to set up. The rangefinder is housed in anodized camo aluminum housing with scratch resistant lens covers.  The LED light automatically adjusts for low-light conditions.

Although I am not a big fan of the Velcro straps and the noise, the peace of mind knowing how far out my target is far outweighs my annoyance. The team at NeverGuess is also working on a shorter arm guard, as well as a left-hand guard. The front sites are now new and improved from an open type site to more of a peep style.

This product retails for $399 and is a must have for those that want to complete an accurate shot.  I sentence it to a life of bow hunting with me!~Terri Lee Pocernich

You may purchase the NeverGuess Rangefinder at Terri Lee’s website:

*This Gear Court reviewer received this product from NeverGuess Rangefinder  for free.

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