Julie Goloski Golob's 'Open-Faced Bagel with Venison' … it's 'Gouda' for you

From Julie G.’s blog … Several friends have encouraged me to share dishes I have made with venison.  Let’s face it, it’s not something you often see in your typical cookbook.  I don’t profess to be a chef by any means, but I do enjoy finding new ways to make the meat in the freezer even more delicious.

I got this idea from my husband who has made me a toasted bagel with sharp cheddar and avocado for breakfast on special occasions.  It’s one of our favorite morning meals.  Here’s a version that can be served as breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.  This dish is also very simple.   Venison is high in protein and therefore you want to cook it hot, fast and not well-done to avoid becoming tough.  Chops and steaks work well for this recipe.

Open-Faced Bagel with Venison


2 bagels
1/2 round of Gouda
1 avocado
1/2 cup bean sprouts
3 cloves minced garlic
4 venison chops
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1/2 teaspoon Old Bay Garlic & Herb

Halve bagels. Cut Gouda and avocado into slices.  Mince garlic and thinly slice venison removing all marble.  Heat oil on high heat in a wok until it ripples.  Twirl the wok so the oil coats halfway up the sides.  Add venison and garlic to the hot wok and sprinkle with Old Bay Seasoning.  Let the meat sear before stirring.  Toast bagels to light golden brown.  Cook venison until desired temperature is achieved.  Plate bagel halves with gouda, sprouts and avocado slices and top with meat.  Makes 4 bagel halves.

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  • Babbs says: December 11, 2009 at 8:11 am

    We tried this recipe, and for an extra kick, we spread a little horseradish sauce on the bagel when we first broiled it … how delish is this? Very delish … thanks, Julie.