Gear Court: Hear ye, Hear … ye will hear well if ye wear these electronic muffs!

I am just back from Media Day at the Range.  It is held every year as a pre-event to the Shot Show for media professionals.  I had the pleasure of trying some new electronic muffs from a company by the name of Electronic Hearing Protection, EHP for short.  These muffs are some of the most comfortable ones I have ever used and they work very well too.  I was impressed with how easy it was to hear everything around me except the loud noises created by bullets from pistols, rifles and shotguns!

EHP President, Denny Snyder, was there at the booth answering any questions and was very gracious in loaning me a pair of pink, yes pink, muffs to take on the range.  One lady that tried the muffs told me that these were the most comfortable muffs she had ever worn and she had been shooting for 25 years!  These muffs are very padded and do not pinch your head.  They are also comfortable at the temples.   EHP muffs come in a multitude of different colors, including bright orange, lime green and camo, or choose the plain black ones.  Me, I am going for hot pink!  For more information go to ~ Cindy Noyes

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  • Georgette Wood says: January 22, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    They loaned me a pair of these Ear Muffs also for the range at Media Day and I really liked them too. They were very comfortable and I can still hear people talk with out having to shut them off and on. The other benefit from them is if you shoot a lot and need some more protection around your whole ear; they will work with you and design a prototype just for you. My husband shoots competitively also and he needs a little bit more protection and they’re willing to work with him and design a pair just for him. The people at EHP are wonderful people to deal with. I would definitely recommend talking with them if you shoot competitively.