Guru Huntress: It’s ‘blind love’ for the Original All-Terrain Pack Chair

Two weeks ago, I turkey hunted out of a blind for the first time. We packed in early with a blind, two folding chairs, video camera and tripod, two decoys, a shotgun and two loaded vests – definitely not a free hand between us. The blind went up without a hitch and we were in it and settled with plenty of spare time.
The stool that I was sitting in was one of those small triangular seat stools with a back on it. First and foremost, let me report there is no way that the person who invented that chair had the opportunity to sit on the stool in a turkey blind for four hours; for if he or she had, it would have been redesigned. As I sat there in pure agony, I vowed to bring another stool for our afternoon hunt; I would not do that to myself again.

Not only was the chair ill fitting for the derriere, my back and kidneys were in terrible pain. It was obvious to me that these stools were not made for extended sitting. We headed back out to the blind for our afternoon hunt early in hopes of being in the blind before the flock of turkeys meandered onto the field for feeding. This time I made sure that I would be comfortable. Packed neatly on my back was the Original All-Terrain Pack Chair (OATPC), made by SittingHawk, LLC. The Original All-Terrain Pack Chair is the most unique chair I have ever used. Not only is the chair extremely comfortable with its high back, it completely folds down and has convenient backpack style straps to carry it in and out of the woods.

The OATPC weighs 8.5 pounds and is capable of withstanding a weight limit of 300 pounds. The Mossy Oak Breakup pattern chair pad is thick with a high back for support and stays in place with Velcro straps. The legs are independently telescoping and use a pin style system which allows you to use the chair on any type terrain from flat ground to hillsides.
This chair is simple to use. To pack the chair in and out, just fold in the legs, attaching the cushion to the back, putting the chair on you back using the back pack straps, adjusting the side pulls to secure the fit and folding the seat up between you and the chair for comfort. The option is there to use the fold down seat portion to secure your back pack and other gear you are carrying to your hunting spot. The chair can also be used when carrying a blind and makes a great pack frame for large game or gear.
When I arrived at the blind, I quickly set up the OATPC and adjusted its legs to the exact angle that I wished to sit. The chair was so comfortable that I started to feel guilty when I looked over at Richard behind the camera, perched on top of his triangular style chair. It crossed my mind for a brief second that I would share the chair with him, swapping out chairs briefly, but my body cringed at the thought and the idea left my mind as quickly as it had arrived. [Sorry, Richard!]
For additional information, videos and photos visit I think you will find that the OATPC can be used in many situations like hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor events. ~Nancy Jo Adams

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The Conversation

  • Nancy Jo Adams says: April 29, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    The Original All-Terrain Pack Chair is so unique. I am trying to figure out which shooting houses we have that I can use it in during deer season. Thanks for stopping by Stacey.

    Nancy Jo

  • Stacey Huston says: April 29, 2010 at 9:32 am

    I like that it has shoulder straps on it.. could come in handy if you want to take a nap.. so you won’t fall off.. lol.. Really does look very comfortable and easy to use.. small enough to slip behind the seat of your truck too..
    Thanks Nancy Jo