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Put a Squattie Pottie in your pack this spring

Squattie Pottie Complete is one of the most innovative products to come along for us ladies in a long time. From the design, which is ergonomical, the compact size, to the convienence of never having to hold it or worse yet use a disgusting bathroom or port-a-let again!

The complete unit is a must for the lady hunter, with the collection system that consists of 3 very durable bags that seal, so when you put them in your backpack they are not going to rupture or leak, so you are not leaving your scent in the woods to scare off the buck of your dreams. The set includes the Squattie funnel, 2 extenders, 3 collection pouches(each with a sealing valve) 1 connector, and 2 packets of wipes, all in a carry bag in your choice of Black, Green or Pink. $19.99

See http://www.shop.hercamoshop.com/Squattie-Pottie-Complete-sqpotcomp.htm

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