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Guru Huntress: She found ‘Optimum Shooting Performance’ at this school

I had the opportunity of attending the Optimum Shooting Performance (OSP) School with eight other writers this past week. The OSP Shooting School is something that I have wanted to attend since May 2007 – two months after buying my over and under shotgun. I have spent numerous hours on the OSP website reading the shooting tips, frequently asked questions and absorbing other great information on there.

I purchased the book “If It Ain’t Broke, Fix It” and read it at least three times. I guess you could say that I had OSP bug; and a severe case of it! When the invitation came by email, I don’t think I read any further than the invite and I was on the phone reserving my spot. I could not have been any more excited if I had won a drawing. It was time to get the book down off the shelf and start practicing the OSP Flashlight Drill, which I coined the “Ash Light Drill.”

Gil and Vicki Ash have been sporting clays enthusiasts since 1984. They founded and are the instructors of The Optimum Shooting Performance School. The dynamic duo has a unique approach to teaching a shooter how to be a successful shooter. Their coaching methods are blended with common sense and humor, which not only makes a shooter understand the technique in a logical way but also puts them at ease.

Vicki Ash stands behind Nancy Jo Adams on the line.

The foundation of the OSP method is built on proper gun mount and timing. To be precise on timing they teach the importance of knowing the three vital points of your target’s intended flight: the focal point, the hold point and the break point. The concept of knowing those three defined points removes conscious lead of a target.

The first thing that became blatantly clear to me is that when you keep your focus on the target and use a slow, methodic mount, the target seems to slow down. I know you are thinking, “That just is not possible.” I thought that too when I read it in their writings. I experienced it firsthand and I am now a believer.

I experienced a marked improvement on the range during my time under the coaching and watchful eye of Vicki Ash. I walked away with a game plan to improve my shooting on the sporting clays range; along with a renewed confidence. I know that the OSP School will benefit not only all skill levels of shooters, but especially those that have problems in targeted areas of their shooting performance.

Gil and Vickie Ash hold numerous seminars, clinics, and individual instructions across the United States annually. They have co-authored several books and produced numerous DVDs that are available from their website at www.ospschool.com.  You will also find a plethora of valuable information on the OSP website that will help you improve your performance in shooting sports. ~Nancy Jo Adams

Nancy Jo Adams and Vicki Ash. At last, Nancy Jo meets one of her favorite outdoor women, who becomes her mentor!

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  • Tammy Ballew says: June 3, 2010 at 7:42 am

    Great photos, too, by the way!

  • Tammy Ballew says: June 3, 2010 at 7:41 am

    Nancy Jo, thanks for sharing your experience at the OSP School. I will definitely check out their website for DVDs and other information. In particular, I would really love to hone my shotgun skills.