My Job … My Outdoors: Team GLOCK Randi Rogers is 'always ready' to shoot or sign autographs

As the youngest member of Team GLOCK, Randi Rogers seems equally at ease on either the shooting range or behind the counter at a trade show signing autographs. She’s approachable and personable, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t kick into a level of intensity when shooting various stages in action pistol shooting.

At home, in Atlanta, she works in the GLOCK office, in advertising and marketing. Before GLOCK and action pistol shooting, she competed and captured world tiles in Cowboy Action Shooting. Presently, she is training for the upcoming Bianchi Cup in Columbia, Mo.

My Job

Andy Welshan and Randi Rogers at the NRA Meetings and Exhibits in Charlotte in May 2010. Photo by Barbara Baird.

I get to travel around the country and represent GLOCK on the range and also, back in the office. I’ve been working for them almost a year now.

I love shooting and I love how much it’s enriched my life. I couldn’t think of a better activity for women.

My Outdoors

Obviously I love to shoot! But I also love hiking, walking, biking and going down the river. There’s a great rafting river near me where they train for the Olympics. See

Photo courtesy of Team GLOCK.

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  • Tammy says: May 20, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Randi, it was great to have the opportunity of meeting you at the NRA Convention. Thanks for being an icon role model for all female shooters.