WON Landing Page OCT 2022

30 Cal Gal not afraid to stand out from the crowd

Anette Wachter, recently featured at an NRA Blog post, steps into the spotlight, er bloglight, here at The WON with her bold blog titled 30 CAL GAL. She writes, “I am an unusual woman in an unusual sport. I love to shoot rifles. I compete in high-power rifle. I shoot an AR15 across the course and my favorite is my custom Palm bolt action .308/30 CLBR. Hence, my title. Are there more like me out there?”

We bet there are, Anette.

You may read about Anette’s recent performance with her rifle at the prestigious Camp Perry competition, where you will be able to read an insider’s point of view about this event.

See http://30calgal.blogspot.com/

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