Babbs in the Woods: Lions and Prois and Bears … oh, what a (Ladies') night at the Powder Horn

“I know you’re probably uber busy,” said Kirstie Pike, because she likes to use Urban Dictionary words, and she continued, and I paraphrase, “so, you probably wouldn’t be able to join me in Bozeman, Mont., in August for ‘Ladies’ Night’ at the Powder Horn.”

Hmmm … Bozeman, Mont., in August. Temperature: 74 degrees in the daytime. Fishing. Fly-fishing. Mountains. 74 degrees.  Wine. Fun. Kirstie Pike. 74 degrees.

“I’m not busy,” I replied.

So, last week I barely made my flight out of St. Louis to Bozeman and hooked up with Kirstie at Ladies’ Night at the Powder Horn. An upscale sporting goods’ store selling Western duds, boots, fly-fishing equipment and big game hunting gear, along with a well-stocked gun department, the Powder Horn in historic downtown Bozeman, next to the Plonk Wine Bar, did not disappoint this outdoor writer/pro-staff camo chick.

Kirstie Pike and Mark Matheny with bear spray. Photo by Barbara Baird.

I can see why this outfit likes Kirstie’s line of camo, and I think their move to add Prois to their lineup also is  “great fit.” The Powder Horn, owned by the same people who own Schee’s (pronounced Schnay’s), included two pages of Kirstie’s camo in their catalog, the first time they’d ever included women’s camo. They’re very happy with the results. So is she. You can see her camo online, too.

We were billed for the evening along with Mark Metheny, former Marine and survivor of a grizzly bear attack in 1994 ,who hocked his bear spray pepper power while we met huntresses of all ages who regaled us with their tales of hunting elk, antelope, mulies, whitetails and upland birds. Some were going to go on safaris and others were planning to head back out – bear spray harnessed onto their bodies – for a hunting expedition in Big Sky country.

Here's Jessica Hanson of Bozeman, Mont. She hunts for antelope and mule deer. Photo by Barbara Baird.

One of my favorite ladies was Jessica Hanson, who works at a place that sells snowboarding gear, and so, to paraphrase her words, “I know about the importance of performance fabrics.” Jessica and her mom and dad attended the Ladies’ Night, with the boxed wine, and Jessica tried on and purchased some of this camo. And why? Because it works.

Disclaimer: I am on the Prois Hunting Apparel’s pro-staff. I bought a complete set of Kirstie’s camo after seeing it a few years ago at its SHOT Show launch in Vegas. I liked it very much, and believe me, I’ve worn a lot of different types of camo. It worked for me. It moved with me and wicked away my perspiration. I like the pleats around the knee areas. I like the way the baselayers have raglan sleeves and no cotton.  I like how it washes and dries and keeps it shape.

Then, about three years ago, Kirstie and her business and marriage partner, Steve, asked me to be on their pro-staff. I warned them: “I’m not an expert at hunting.”

“Yeah, but you have a lot of enthusiasm and that’s what we want,” they said.

So, here I am … and I am partial to her camo and I believe it’s worth every penny, even though now I get it for free.

Barb Baird, Margie Nelson and Kirstie Pike in historic, downtown Bozeman near the pink boat. Photo by Stacy Farmer.

We also met Margie Nelson, a breast cancer survivor, mom of a teenage boy who is 16 and who loves the outdoors, and one of our Facebook friends. She connected with Kirstie and me outside the store near the “Rowing for the Cure” Pink Boat. Kirstie and I had spent the afternoon on that boat on the Madison River, courtesy of the boat’s builder, Robert Eddins. Robert, his wife, Jane, and two of their children showed up for a visit later that evening, too. Margie is working on acquiring various pieces of Prois camo to complement her hunting.

The thing about this Ladies’ Night was this:  a lot of guys came to the event with their ladies, and not just for the free boxed wine. They came and they supported their partners’ accomplishments, their spouses’ or girlfriends’ or daughters’ choices to be huntresses. And also, there was a street music festival going on after hours.

That had to be the icing on the cake.

Kirstie Pike tries out the inert bottle of UDAP Pepper Power. Photo by Barbara Baird.

For us, the time passed too quickly and we were sorry when they locked the doors for the evening and the sun set on the pink boat in the street. It was back to the airport, back to filling orders for Kirstie in Colorado and back to life in 90+ degree heat with 99+ degree humidity for me in Missouri.

Oh well, at least I have shirts from Prois that wick away moisture.


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