Bill Konway captures hope of outdoors’ future on gloomy day

Mark Strand is the founder and creator of the School of Outdoor Sports. He developed the School “because it didn’t exist, and we need it,” he says. “If we are going to ever reverse the trend of declining participation in fishing, hunting, and shooting, we need the elementary school for these activities. We need one place where beginners, regardless of age, can learn the basics quickly. I believe beginners need to experience a level of success, right away, so they can see whether these sports are for them. I believe we need to encourage beginners to sample any aspect of these sports, then help them meet success in all of them, so they can freely decide for themselves what they like best.”

It was shot last week on the shore of Lake Superior in Wisconsin as a portrait for him.  The camera was a Nikon D3, the lens was a Nikon 14mm f2.8. We used a single off camera flash held by an assistant to camera right at about 90 degrees for an extra highlight on an otherwise gloomy, overcast day.  Shot in Manual mode with the shutter speed was set 1/250th of a second and an aperture of f11.

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  • About Bill Konway

    Bill Konway worked as a staff photographer for a Chicago newspaper for more than 20 years, before pursuing a full-time career in the outdoors as a photographer. Bill shoots primarily commercial work for hunting manufacturers.


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