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Bill Konway: Breaking the ‘Rule of Thirds’ in Half

I shot this photo for Próis Hunting and Field Apparel and its new line of cold weather clothing, with a Nikon D3 and a 14mm lens.  I used a single monolite run off a generator low and camera left. Typically, placing a subject off center as you might if using the Rule of Thirds creates a solid composition. But, breaking the rules can be even more fun, if only just to break the rules …   In this case the model is about dead center in the image but the viewer is drawn to her because of the direction of the arrows and the lower branches leading your eyes to her. Additionally, she is framed in the upper branches and also surrounded by a cloud, which is the brightest portion of the image. The Rule of Thirds is great, but knowing when to break it is even better.

To see more of Bill Konway’s photographs, go to his website.

  • About Bill Konway

    Bill Konway worked as a staff photographer for a Chicago newspaper for more than 20 years, before pursuing a full-time career in the outdoors as a photographer. Bill shoots primarily commercial work for hunting manufacturers.


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