Becky Lou Lacock Wins 'Ammo and Attitude' Competition

Becky Lou Lacock, Sulpher, La., becomes Ammo and Attitude’s First Season Winner on the 2010 season! First Season was spectacular to watch in unique reality programming with completions including shooting sports, archery, rock climbing, water sports, and over all out door survival skills.

Six contestants from all over the country, battled out the extremely challenging competitions with amazing skill and cunning that only true outdoor sportswomen can do! Through it all Lacock, prevailed as the First Season Winner, with cutting edge drama and only inches to spare for the ultimate tile of “Ammo and Attitudes” First Season Winner.

Show Hosts Jody and Doreen Garrett, owner of OTIS TECHNOLOGLY and Ammo and Attitudes Prestigious Main Sponsor, were phenomenal on Season One, bringing a never before seen edge to outdoor programming and judging completions.

Season 2 continues it success on Versus Fall 2011 3Q and 4Q at 9;00 am EST. Season 2 will be even more exciting with 6 fresh new competing in even more extreme and survival challenges. Filming begins May 2011 at the beautiful LUCKY STAR RANCH located in up state New York.

Tune in next season to see who will be receive the title of “Ammo and Attitude Season 2 Winner!” Exclusively on VERSUS Nationally. Ammo and Attitude always delivers true reality show excitement and will not disappoint!

For further information on Ammo and Attitude: Contact Stephanie Shipman owner and Executive Producer 979 220 7700

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  • Becky Lou says: February 9, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    Thanx for the update Babbs! It was a great experience, and being the oldest of the 6 women, I am hoping that it will provide some inspiration for women of ALL ages! It is definitely never too late! Take it Outdoors! and remember as I always say… Camo can be Classy TM !!