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Gear Court: Extreme Makeover by Camo Solutions for T/C Pro Hunter Encore

A while back I was looking in my gun safe at my Thompson Center Pro Hunter and the different barrels and fore-ends I have for it.  My stock, rifle and muzzleloader fore-ends were black and my 12-gauge turkey barrel and fore-end were camo.  And, unfortunately, not one of the Mossy Oak patterns I prefer.

I thought, my whole Pro Hunter system needs a makeover.  I got on the internet to do some research and decided camo dipping would be the way to go.  Camo Solutions, owned by Don & Sally Mullis and located in Evening Shade, Arkansas was the company I wanted to deal with.  They are aftermarket camo dipping specialists and hunters who know the importance of quality hunting equipment.

Before using Camo Solution.

I chose Mossy Oak’s latest pattern, Break Up Infinity.  With its depth, detail and contrast each element creates realism and contrast.  It appears like you are looking into the woods at the individual leaves, limbs, acorns and branches.

Now, I know some of you are thinking, does your gun really have to be camo.  The answer is no, but I didn’t go with camo dipping just for the looks.  Camo dipping offers concealment, increases the value and protects your equipment from the elements and rust.

It’s not just for firearms either, it can be applied to much of your hunting equipment.  Basically any item that is 3d in a solid form can be camo dipped.  Including scopes, but these are done at the “owner’s risk.”  And there is virtually no maintenance for the finish.  You just use a damp clean cloth to wipe it off.  However, you still need to maintain the interior of your firearms as you normally would.

After using Camo Solutions.

When you send your hunting equipment to Camo Solutions, it is taken care of like it is their own.  It will be stored safely in their shop that is secured with a high-tech security system and fully insured.  Their customers are outdoor TV shows and celebrities, call makers, gun builders, firearm manufacturers, law enforcement agencies, gun dealers and a high volume of mail-in and walk-in customers from throughout the United States.  They specialize in hunting camouflage only.  Don and his staff put their years of experience into each item they work on; therefore, they have developed a great reputation within the outdoor industry for the quality and service they provide their customers.

Camo Solutions uses the same process that the big manufacturers use, a water transfer printing process.  Each piece of equipment goes through an eight-stage dipping process.

Stage #1 – All items are inspected and disassembled.

Stage #2 – The part to be dipped is degreased.

Stage #3 – Each part goes through a 15-minute 120-degree hot-water rinse.

Stage #4 – Extensive preparation.

Stage #5 – Primer and base coat applied.

Stage #6 – Film is cut to fit and laid flat on the water, then a chemical activator is applied.

Stage #7 – The item is dipped.

Stage #8 – The item is washed, dried and sprayed with an acrylic finish for long lasting durability.

Camo Solutions sums it up with their mission statement.  “Provide a service for all men and women who enjoy hunting, an edge for success and a source of additional protection to the investment of their hunting equipment.”

I used my Pro Hunter muzzleloader in both Missouri and Illinois during the last few weeks in varying conditions.  Temperature extremes from 10 to 60 degrees in addition to rain and snow, and I was very impressed with the quality of work that Don and his staff put into my Pro Hunter.  I highly recommend Camo Solutions for all your camo dipping needs.  For any further questions about the process, pictures of the process and contact information go to www.camo-solutions.com.~Marti Davis

*This product was provided to the reviewer by the company for review of the product.

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    Marti Davis is a staff member for Browning Trail Cameras, WoolX and Mossy Oak. She is an authority on most types of hunting in North America, and very active in mentoring the next generation of young hunters.


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