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In My Sights: Snowed in, fed up and pooped out

One whole week of being snowed in with two junior high girls has made the cat mean and made me even meaner. I was down for the count with the worst flu bug I’ve had in 20 years, hubby was away on business for 3 weeks, and the little darlings were chomping at the bit to get outside. So as we’ve snowballed, sledded, skated, slid, and skidded our way through the last few days, I’ve had my share of cold-medicine induced hallunications and a few revelations, to wit:

  • I am now phobic about static electricity.
  • I’m pretty sure I got in the wrong time capsule. I’m supposed to be caving in the Caribbean right now. Apparently I have missed the alternate universe boat more than once.
  • I have frozen toes syndrome, which can only be cured by several consecutive days of camping in 80+ degree weather. Make that 90+.
  • Due to the children eating nine times a day, they have divested the pantry of six weeks’ worth of groceries. They do not have jobs. I have now decreed that only people with jobs may eat more than once a day.
  • The laundry room flooded, then froze. Ice skating while washing should be an Olympic event.
  • When you work from home, your computer is your lifeline. Information Technology Assistance is not always helpful.
  • Sticking an IT person voodoo doll full of pins and smashing it with your laptop does not make IT more helpful, but it does make you feel better in the short term.
  • If I venture into public while I have the flu, I am helping humanity build its immunity. I believe this.
  • You really can get tired of soup.
  • While being a temporarily single parent means no socks lying everywhere, I prefer tag team parenting when A) I am ill; B) I am outnumbered by young’un’s; or C) both A and B.

And now, after two days of sunshine, more snow is predicted. I may survive this one better-

  • Hubby is home, thus I have backup to protect the pantry from invasion
  • I’m no longer outnumbered by children
  • I’m no longer being held in a headlock by a microscopic organism
  • I have groceries again

Wish me luck- I should have stocked up on the chocolate!!!

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    Traci Schauf ia a blogger, a blonde, a bookphile and outdoor obsessed. She contributes "The Happy Camper" to The WON. She also hosts her own daily blogs about her family and outdoor life.


The Conversation

  • Tammy says: February 9, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Love it. I think that Missouri has just become MICHIGAN!!. My son just informed me last night that we have nothing good to eat in the house. My reply, you have been home for a whole week and eaten everything except the kitchen sink, GET A JOB!! or learn how to cook!!.

    Saw a church sign today that said. “Whoever is praying for snow, Please Stop!!”. I really think all the children are pray for snow because God hears children’s prayers.

    Take care, keep warm, and most of all, try not to kill the children!!

  • Deb Ferns says: February 8, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    AMEN to the sentiment of one meal per day if you don’t work. Many years ago my daughters whined about not having their favorite treats in the house. I remember looking at them and saying “Are you planning on getting a job soon since treats are for WORKING people bringing home a PAYCHECK!” That sent both to their rooms in a sulk but even now many many years later they laugh and say that there was little doubt in their minds from an early age that if they wanted something special in their lives (treats just being a minor item) they would have to WORK for it. Your daughters are blessed to have you as a Mom (and you can tell them I said so!)

  • Jessica says: February 8, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    Sympathies! We’re dealing with the same weather here, and it has a way of making life … interesting.