Babbs in the Woods: What’s in ‘The Hunter’s Wife’s’ spice drawer?

For the past few years, The Hunter’s Wife (aka Jody Narantic) and I have been lobbing friendly banter back and forth between our blogs. Jody recently invited me to guest blog at her site while she goes on a fishing trip, of which we’re sure she will have had a proper manicure beforehand. You see, Jody doesn’t touch fish. And she cuddles deer decoys. She is truly “the hunter’s wife,” not “the hunter.” And that’s why she is so real and so popular. She makes us laugh at ourselves.

Jody is mighty proud of her buck. She seems to be quite protective of him. From her blog.

As luck would have it, before I wrote the guest post I dreamed about Jody showing me her kitchen, and when we came to the spice drawer … well, you’ll just have to read all about it at The Hunter’s Wife. And, please … leave your comments because the Jodster will be checking in to lob a few comments back atcha from her vacation. And, maybe we can get her to go carp fishing with my other blogger pal, and outdoor photographer, Gretchen Steele, soon!



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