Guru Huntress: Strut & Rut Energy Shot keeps her going

As a team, Richard and I spend many hours in the field year round; if we are not hunting,we are scouting or planting, clearing, cleaning … the work is a 360-degree circle for that one same goal — good hunting. Not only do we spend every possible hour in the woods, on the road, or on the hunt, we both are full-time employed in the “concrete jungle.” Our lives can get tedious and fast paced and often with minimal sleep.

Strut & Rut Energy Shot--Ammo For Your Body. This product can definitely be found in my turkey vest this season; without a doubt.

There is no time to say, “I can’t,” or to stop for more than a moment to catch your breath, but no complaints nor would I want it any other way. It always helps to have a little energy, a boost, something to keep you going when you feel drained. I have always been very particular about what I ingest and I am artificial sugar intolerant, so I was very limited to using energy products.

This past fall I started looking more in depth into liquid energy products and found one that has become extremely popular; however, the product did not have the effects that I was looking for. After several weeks of using Brand X, I felt no effects at all except heartburn as a result of the concentrated vitamins and minerals in the shot. So I set out in search of something different.

While attending the Shot Show in Las Vegas, NV, I was handed a bottle of Strut & Rut Energy Shot in passing while visiting the National Wild Turkey Federation booth. The next day I took the Strut & Rut Energy Shot, not so much because of my curiosity of how the product worked but because I was in dire need of some energy for the fast paced day.

I can explain the results in one word—WOW!! But that would be unlike me to only use one word for anything, so let me tell you about this product.

The 2nd Annual Ladies in Camo Hog Hunt in Liberty, MS: Strut & Rut kept the ladies and guides in their stands into the evening and early morning hours when their bodies were wanting to retire. It works!

Strut & Rut is formulated with all-natural ingredients designed to counteract fatigue and augment physical and mental endurance with sustained energy. There is no crash as experienced with sugar or caffeine loaded energy drinks. The 2.5 Fl oz energy shot is pomegranate flavored and contains ingredients vital for cellular use. A few of those key ingredients are:

* Guarana – counteracts fatigue and enhances athletic reaction time and recovery

* Ginkgo biloba – speeds up metabolism, increases blood flow and energizes the brain

* Ashwaganda – prevents mental exhaustion and aids those who are already mentally exhausted

* Skull Cap – energizes the nervous system

* White Willow – a natural analgesic that aids in reducing body ache and pains

* Ginseng – increases endurance, alertness and visual motor coordination

Strut & Rut has about the same amount of Caffeine as a premium cup of coffee. The dose comes in a single small bottle and can be recapped if the user decides to only use half a shot.

Strut & Rut Energy Shot--Ammo For Your Body

For every bottle sold a portion of proceeds is donated to conservation organizations like National Wild Turkey Federation that are protecting the outdoor way of life. You can get more information about Strut & Rut energy shot, Ammo For Your Body at You can order direct online or find local retailers at the website. I know I will be including Strut & Rut in my turkey vest this season.

To follow along with the Guru Huntress’ adventures and see how these products work for her in the field, see her blog: or follow her on Facebook.

Endorsement Disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, this product review is an endorsement and the writer may have been compensated by “in-kind” payment to review the product.

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The Conversation

  • Durk Stark says: April 12, 2011 at 7:33 pm

    Glad you all liked the Strut & Rut!! It saves my butt everyday in the woods!!

  • Bubba Ledbetter says: March 31, 2011 at 11:19 am

    The Pro-Staff of Talk Hunting Magazine love hosting the Ladies In Camo every year for a wild hog hunt and we hope to keep it an annual hunt. They hunt hard and travel far to get there, so “Strut & Rut” was a life saver for this old hunter to keep up with the ladies. I used a couple of bottles this past weekend to keep up the pace with these ladies, I’d say, try it, you’ll love it!

  • Christy Turner says: March 30, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    And it taste’s good too!!!
    Thank you Nancy Jo, see you in the woods again soon!

  • Nancy Jo Adams says: March 30, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    I wanted to give credit to the Ladies in Camo group in the photo above; along with guide and host. What a great group.

    Front Row (L-R): Vicki Morehead, Kasey Strganac, Nancy Jo Adams, Billinda Neyman, Tommie Lea Clanton
    Back Row (L-R): Ken Bubba Ledbetter (our host), Christy Turner, Carlee Magness, Cyndi Penn, Andrea Main, DW Magness (guide)
    Not pictured: Brent Sawyer, John Thibodeaux, Richard Holt, Melissa Williams

    Thank you to everyone for all their hard work and for making this hunt such a memorable hunt. Congratulations to Cyndi and Billinda for harvesting hogs on this hunt. I hope to see all of you at the next hog hunt.

    Nancy Jo