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Babbs in the Woods: Lanny and Tracy Barnes and their new website

I heard about these incredible sisters last year at the NRA Meetings & Exhibits in Charlotte, N.C. Friends of mine would ask, “Oh, did you meet the Barnes’ sisters yet? They were just here.” And others would say, “Hey, you gotta meet these women and oh, they were just here.” And then, “Hey, stop in here and you’ll probably meet the twins!” And it never happened. 

So, when last October rolled around and I finally got to meet the twins, Tracy and Lanny Barnes, who are in training for the 2014 Olympics in the sport of the biathlon, it felt like it had been a long wait. But, I was not disappointed. In fact, after spending time with them at 11,000 feet on a mountain in Colorado grouse hunting, I decided I want to be president of their fan club … but I think I’d have to get in line.

I spent two days with these Colorado natives last October, courtesy of a Women’s Outdoor Media Association (The WOMA) – of which we are all members – retreat in Gunnison, Colo. They popped over to attend the retreat, a break from training in Utah. I had been editing their “Road to Russia” blog at The WOMA’s website, and so I felt like I sort of knew them already – through email messages and reading their entertaining and educational journal of their journeys.


Lanny and Tracy on grouse hunt in Colorado. Photo by Jason Baird.


What a lifestyle! These two women have dedicated their lives to perfecting the sport of skiing and shooting combined. In their spare time, they coach prospective biathlon competitors, mentor young women in the shooting/skiing sports and continue to get outdoors – hunting together and hiking. They also are on the Prois Hunting Apparel’s Pro Staff.

And now, we are so pleased to be able to support their quest for the 2014 Olympics by running a link to their new website’s online jewelry boutique, launched on April 8. There’s more at the site, too, such as news, updates, information on their sponsors and partners, links and a shop for all the latest twin biathlete gear and deals from their sponsors. There is also a “Twin Tracker,” so that you can follow the twins on their training schedule. (Where in the wide world of the biathlon are the twins?)

One of the best features, though, is their online shop. From their press release:

In the shop you can purchase artwork from 2x Olympian Lanny Barnes as well as bullet earrings and necklaces worn by the twins during the Olympics and their other International and National Competitions. The earrings are made custom by the twins and are a great look for any outdoor enthusiast. Fans will also have the opportunity to donate to the Twin Biathletes quest for Gold in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

We’ll be following the twins and their journey to the Olympics, and we highly recommend that you do, too. In the meantime, we’re getting ready to place our order for bullet earrings. Check out their new website, too.


The Grouse Gang: Babbs, Lanny Barnes, Eric Grand, Kathleen Browne, and Tracy Barnes, Photo by Jason Baird.

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