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Marti Davis takes nephew Brandon on a successful turkey hunt

Gear Court Reviewer Marti Davis, who also is on the pro staffs of Knight and Hale, Mossy Oak, and Moultrie Products always finds time to take a child hunting. Read her story about who she took and what they used here.

Marti writes …

This past weekend was the Missouri youth turkey season.  Saturday morning I took Brandon, my 8 yr-old nephew, and Matt, my brother, to one of my spots.  A storm rolled thru about 2-3 a.m. and the birds were awake and already gobbling from the roost as we were sneaking in.  We set the Carry-Lite HD decoys about 10 yards in front of the shooting house.

Marti Davis, Brandon and Matt White. Submitted photo.

The Knight & Hale White Liar, Glass Hammer and Prosecutor mouth call must have had the right sounds to them.  We had probably 9 or 10 birds gobbling all around us.  Brandon saw the first long-beard on the ground about 125 yards out in front of us at the far end of the field.  Two jakes came right into the decoys and 7 long-beards with 7 or 8 hens were strutting around at the far end of the field.  I told Brandon if he wanted to shoot one of the jakes to go ahead.  Those jakes walked around the decoys like they were attached to one another for 10 minutes.

Brandon, just kept the gun barrel pointed at them, waiting for us to say “shoot!” Finally the front jake lowered his head and the back jake held his head up high and I told him, “shoot … SHOOT!”  Brandon and the Winchester Xtended range 20 gauge #5’s put this jake on the ground and it was only 6:50 a.m. on opening day! ~Proud Aunt Marti

The Winchester Xtended range #5's and Knight & Hale White Liar did their job. Photo by Marti Davis.

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