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Gear Court: Korker Chrome boots, they shine in the eyes of the jurors

I first saw the Korkers Chrome boots last year at the 2010 IFTD (International Fly Tackle Dealer) show, where they won Best New Product.  At that point, I was absolutely determined to get a pair.  The first pair of wading boots I ever owned were a pair of Korkers I had bought at a sporting goods resale store for $20, and I was ecstatic to find them.  After years of hard wear and tear, they were falling apart and I was ready to get a new pair.  The Korkers booth was on my list of places to stop and I was very impressed with the Chromes.  After waiting a few months for my size to be available, I finally got my pair of Korkers.  The company generously sent me a pair at no cost, so I could test and review them.

I never write a review for waders and boots until I have given them a good workout.  I received these boots in December and have fished hard in them in winter, spring , and summer conditions, and they far exceeded my already high expectations for a pair of boots from Korkers.  I love the BOA tightening system.  They are the quickest and easiest pair of wading boots I have ever owned to take on and off.  They are easy to tighten and adjust once the boots get wet and get a little looser; whereas, my old boots, I had to retie the laces if they loosened up.  They are also truer to size than many wading boots, and I was happy to not have to order a size up.  They do only come in men’s sizes, so women looking for a women’s specific boot may not like these.  However, I was very happy with the fit and style of the boots.

My favorite thing about Korkers are the interchangeable soles.  You can easily change out one sole for another, enabling you to fish in the best sole for any condition.  Even though felt is being phased out of the market due to invasive species issues and whirling disease, I still prefer felt soles in the summer, especially when the river rocks get slimy while fishing in my watershed, where there is little danger of transferring invasives or disease.  I still take care to clean my boots carefully and fish the rubber soles when traveling to different areas.  In the winter, I switch to the rubber soles, as felt soles are extremely impractical.  There are five different sole options on these boots, so even anglers that do not use felt have plenty of options to choose from.  You’ll find a great sole for wherever you are fishing.

Katherine practices catch-and-release fishing. Photo by Eric Grand.

I have never fished a better wading boot in the snow and ice, and for the first time ever, was able to land big trout this winter without falling on my butt multiple times, using the Kling-On™ Sticky Rubber Sole.  These boots are very lightweight, even when wet, and are very comfortable when hiking long distances on rough terrain.  They show no signs of wear after 6 months of extensive use.

The only issue I had with them is the BOA system can be released, so your boot can come off if you bump the dial in the right way.  This can be prevented by wearing gravel guards, which is still more convenient than retying boots with laces when they come undone.  I highly recommend these boots for any angler, male or female.

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    Katherine Grand pens "DamselFly Fisher" and works as Pro-Staff and Dealer Relations Coordinator at Prois Hunting and Field Apparel in Gunnison, Colo. She also guides in fly-fishing waters near Gunnison.


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