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Gear Court: Vertx pants and polo — hot the way it counts, not the way they feel

Beth Cowgill sporting the Vertx line of pants and a polo. She likes!

When it comes to shooting gear, finding a good pair of pants has always been a challenge for me.  Up until the 2011 SHOT Show, I had been wearing 5.11 Women’s Pants.  While at SHOT Show this year, I discovered a brand of tactical clothing that is unlike any other brand of tactical clothing on the market.  I stopped by the GLOCK booth to visit with Team GLOCK member, Randi Rogers, and happened to notice the pants she was wearing. They shaped her very well, not like most tactical pants I have seen where they are a high-waisted version of the men’s pant.  Randi then told me she was wearing Vertx pants, a brand of tactical pants that were designed for women by women.  After finding out they were at SHOT Show, I immediately went to locate their booth.

I stopped at the booth and met one of the sales representatives for Vertx and talked to him about why I needed to try this brand of pants.  For me, comfort is almost more important than anything else, but they also need to look good.  After returning from SHOT Show, I ordered a pair of pants to try out.  One of the features of the Vertx pants that I liked so much was the gusseted inseam.  The stitching on the knees and hips made it really easy to bend over, something that is often necessary in USPSA shooting.  There are enough pockets in these britches to hold anything from a cell phone to an AR-15 magazine.  Made from mostly cotton, they become more and more comfortable after every wash.   I would recommend washing them wrong side out and line drying though!  It helps prevent shrinkage and color fade over time.

Vertx also carries a line of polos that are made specifically to fit a woman’s curvy body too.  No more ordering men’s polo’s in a smaller size. The Vertx polo is pretty neat because it’s made with a polyester fabric that is sanitized to help reduce bacteria and odor, but also, it’s made with coldblack® technology that helps reflect the sun and protect your skin from UV rays.

Staying cool and comfy while fishing in Vertx polo. Photo courtesy of Beth Cowgill.

Well, I ordered the polo in red, black, and navy blue.  I first wore one of these polo’s, the navy one, to my daughter’s softball game at the beginning of summer and I thought I was going to suffocate I was so hot.  I thought that the shirt had failed me.  It wasn’t keeping me cool the way it was supposed to.  Then I realized that maybe the problem I had was mental.  I had to overcome the weight of the shirt.  It was a little heavier than I was used to.  I talked to one of the sales reps from Vertx and told him my experience with the shirt.  He said he was surprised I didn’t like it.  They have been receiving so many wonderful reviews about the coldblack® technology.
I decided I would give the polo another chance.  Over the 4thof July weekend, the temperatures here in Mid-Missouri were in the upper 90s with heat indices just over 100 degrees.  I wore one of the Vertx polos while fishing and once I got past the weight of the shirt, I was actually staying pretty cool.  Meanwhile, the two guys that I was fishing with were sweating thru the cotton  tee shirts they were wearing.

If you’re looking for a brand of women’s pants and shirts for competitive shooting, law enforcement, or even every day wear, I highly recommend Vertx.  Visit their website for more information.

Visit Beth’s blog.

It's OK. Look at her derriere in this shot! Check the fit of these pants.


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