Gear Court: No rafter’s rash, no wet hide … Traci likes a half-ounce of ‘nylon/spandex Heaven,’ aka ExOfficio Undies

If you’ve thumbed through any outdoor magazine, or attended any show or event with outdoor gear featured, you’ve heard of ExOfficio clothing. Their bug-repellent, eco-friendly, comfortable clothing is everywhere. But bottom line, you don’t hear much about their underwear. I’m here to rectify that.

Traci Schauf.jpg

Traci Schauf. We bet she's wearing ExOfficio underwear!

I bought a pair of ExOfficio undies at a Backwoods girl event, when I didn’t have to deal with a male clerk. I’m old-fashioned that way. It was a life changing moment. You NEED these underwear (well, a pair of your own, not mine).

Courtesy of ExOfficio, not Traci Schauf.

If you are sitting in a kayak full of water because you are too cheap to buy a spray skirt, you NEED the underwear.

If you are trekking through the underbrush because your backpacking buddy said “maps are for wussies,” and now you’re off-trail and sweat is coursing down your spine and filling your boots, you NEED the underwear.

If you are sitting in your deer stand on a cold, damp hunt that turns into a cold, wet hunt from that 10 percent chance of rain, you NEED the underwear.

It’s a half-ounce of nylon/spandex heaven. They dry right on your body, so there’s no worry about “rafter’s rash.” They dry even faster when you hang them on a tent pole in camp. [Editor’s note: Or, obviously, if you throw them up on a tree branch, Traci!] When people stammer,“Is that your …  underwear?” I just snarl, “Yes, danggit, I’m doing research.” I don’t know if it’s the snarling or the lacy briefs-as-camp-flag, but they back off pretty quickly.

Clerk gender be damned, I went back and bought two more pair. I plan on filling my drawer, and my backpack, with them. You need some — and … no ifs, ands, or but(t)s about it.

Ah yes, she got some strange looks from her family when she threw her undies up in the tree to photograph them! Photo by Traci Schauf.


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The Conversation

  • Gretchen Steele says: August 31, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    Traci – I am impressed with how skillfully and humorously you wrote about such a delicate subject 🙂 Been trying to figure out how to do my gear review on Spairz.. thanks for the inspiration!
    Who knew writing about underwear would be so hard LOL

  • Barbara Baird says: August 30, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    You always make me laugh out loud. I admire how you held back on the review, without using too many “backward” descriptions. Great job and thanks for making us chuckle today!