Casting for Recovery — Let the healing continue

October — the month of pink and breast cancer awareness, funding, research. We believe that Casting for Recovery is one of the premiere outreach organizations in the country, conducting fly-fishing workshops for women whose lives have been affected by this villain. If you have not checked out this organization and the potential of how it may influence you or someone you love, please do so. See Casting for Recovery.

Photo courtesy of Casting for Recovery.

In the organization’s words:

We provide an opportunity for women whose lives have been profoundly affected by the disease to gather in a natural setting and learn the sport of fly fishing. Just as importantly, the retreats offer an opportunity to meet new friends, network, exchange information, and have fun.

Our weekend retreats incorporate counseling, educational services, and the trained facilitators that staff each retreat, including a psycho-social therapist, a health care professional (e.g. physical therapist, nurse), as well as fly-fishing instructors and river helpers.

While the fundraising burden of offering healing retreats at no cost to participants and asking volunteers to run state programs is enormous, Casting for Recovery has inspired the generous and loyal support of donors large and small, and continues to believe in its mission of providing women with powerful tools for healing at no expense to them.

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