WON Landing Page OCT 2022

NPR article raises the pink gun question (again)

In an article by Claire O’Neill, NPR points to the burgeoning women’s market in the firearms world. O’Neill references the recently published book by Lindsay McCrum, Chicks with Guns, a coffee table photograph-filled document described by O’Neill in these words: “McCrum lets the photos — and the women — speak for themselves: Each image is paired with a caption in which the women tell their stories in their own words.”

O’Neill bounces around hot topics in the gun world — including the pink gun thing — and really, it’s actually more interesting to read the comments. They give you an idea of the across-the-board opinion of guns.

Read the article by O’Neill.

chicks with guns cover.jpg

Chicks with Guns. Jacket of book by Lindsay McCrum.




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