Julie G: A muley for Julie

I’ve been a whitetail hunter since I was young. Moving to Montana and living not too far from the Milk River I’ve had some memorable seasons filling the freezer. I enjoy the peaceful nature of whitetail hunting – watching the deer, learning their patterns and the challenge of being completely still and silent.

In Montana you get one “A” tag. It’s good for either a whitetail or a mule deer buck. You can also apply for antlerless tags based on the species and region but when it comes to hunting a buck, you have to choose which species to take. Some of you may be thinking, a deer is a deer right?

Julie G. with her first muley. Photo courtesy of Julie Golob.

Read the rest of Julie G’s mule deer story. She’ll take you along with her on yet another hunting adventure in the Treasure State. Visit Julie Golob’s blog.


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