Guru Huntress: ‘Just for Does’ just for her

Many women hunters have struggled with the notorious “Hair & Body Wash” curse; trying to be scent-free with products specifically designed for human scent elimination. The curse is dried out, fly-away hair and often an itchy scalp for days after using these all-in-one products.

There are several shampoo and conditioner products on the market and I have tried them all and unfortunately I never was completely satisfied with any of them. I have had my share of “the curse”. I was introduced to a makeshift solution with a hypoallergenic brand of shampoo and conditioner sold exclusively at professional beauty suppliers.  I have used that brand product over the last several years and although this product was designed with no odors or harsh chemicals, it did not offer scent-elimination.

I was recently introduced to Just For Does personal hygiene products. Always in search of good products and gear that I want to pass on, I agreed to field-test these products. I received the Volumizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner, Silkining Body Wash, Nourishing Body Lotion and Scent Free Chapstick.

Just for does products.jpg

Just for Does' fine line.

I had the opportunity to try all of the products during a straight 20 days of hunting in three different states in various climates. I used these products exclusively for the entire 20 days. What I found was salon-quality shampoo and spa-quality lotion and body wash.

I used the shampoo and conditioner in unison and my hair was not only soft and manageable; I actually had body and volume with no static. Comb-through was much easier, with no knots and breakage. The products did not dry out my scalp and cause itching like the previous products that I had tried.

I usually end up with a dry skin using other products for several days in a row. Using the JFD body wash exclusively allowed my skin to remain soft and hydrated through the dry Illinois weather and the windy Kansas days. Although I didn’t have a reason to use the body lotion on my body, I did use the lotion on my face—especially on the days that the Kansas winds blew harshly trying to leave its mark on my face. The lotion was non-greasy, absorbed quickly and hydrated my skin well.

Just For Does didn’t stop at hair and skin; the Chapstick works well and conveniently clips onto your backpack, jacket, or belt for easy access while in the field.

The convenient 8-ounce size bottles of Volumizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner, Silkining Body Wash and Nourishing Body Lotion retail for $12 each. You can see all of the Just For Does products, apparels and accessories at I am looking forward to what the future holds in new products from Just For Does.

Follow Nancy Jo Adams’ many outdoor adventures this season at her blog, Shenanigans From The Field.

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Oh, oh, Nancy Jo! Proving that she uses Just for Does! Photo by Life in Camo.

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