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Guru Huntress: She’s not ‘making this up’ … she likes Natural Camo

There is nothing more frustrating than an ill-fitting facemask while hunting; especially bowhunting. Even my favorite camo facemask can get in the way when time is critical. I have tried them all and found that some are practical, some have neat features and others are not fit to be a hunting facemask – let alone a dust rag.

This fall hunting season, I decided to try camo face paint. I have only worn camo face paint twice: on a duck hunt and also on a turkey hunt. At the duck hunt, the popular brand of face paint went on well but it was not long before I had a greasy mess. I had camo face paint all over the stock of my shotgun, on my gloves and even on my parka. The camo face paint I used on a turkey hunt did not cover well and by the end of the very warm and humid morning, I had very little face paint left on.

Last week I tried a new product that was suggested by a friend and I was amazed in the products performance. This product is Natural Camo – a camo face paint that is not only handmade, it is all-natural.

The Guru Huntress finally found field facepaint that she likes! Photo by Life in Camo.

Natural Camo outperformed the previous products I tried – in every aspect. The non-toxic product is scent-free and comes in convenient roller ball vials. It does not contain any waxes or chemicals and is a natural SPF Sun Protection. The roller ball vial allows for easy applications that are non-staining, sweat proof and won’t clump on your skin like product that contains oils and waxes.

The product is quick and easy to remove with water. YEP! WATER! I was amazed as to how easy it was to remove the product. No more little oily pads or excessive rubbing of sensitive facial skin. The Quick Clean Towels that come with the kit are unique little tablets that you wet with water, unroll, and use wipe the product from your face. No scrubbing or abrasiveness.

natural camo selection.jpg

Natural camo kit. Photo by Life in Camo.


The natural ingredients in this product are designed to lie on top of the skin, allowing the skin to breath and sweat as normal. It will not clog your pores or stain your skin when removed. The base ingredient in this product allows a natural SPF sun protection.

The colors are the perfect shades. It applies in a matte finish and stays true to color on the skin. The product is available in assorted colors so that any hunter can blend to her environment: bear brown, coal black, khaki, mallard green, muddy brown, pine green and snow geese.

The product is available in a kit that includes three roll-on vials, six Quick Clean Towel tablets, a durable survival mirror, a drawstring pouch and application instructions. In the kit, color vials include bear brown, mallard green and coal black. The MSRP of the kit is $24.95. The additional colors that are available have a MSRP of $5.95 each and are an excellent option to customize your kit.

The Quick Clean Towels are 100-percent biodegradable, convenient to use in the field and are $1.95 per order of 10 tablets. These towels are so unique and save valuable space in backpacks and can even be carried in a coat or pant pocket. Check Natural Camo.

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Endorsement Disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, this product review is an endorsement and the writer may have been compensated by “in-kind” payment to review the product.




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