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Guru Huntress: She’s charmed by the ‘Lucky Buck Club’

I ran across an advertisement while surfing the Internet the other day that read “Lucky Buck Club” and I had to know what it was all about. I clicked the link and was taken to the Wildlife Collection by Ed Beets, coined Sportsman Luck Charms. I was so intrigued by the designs and the variety of items available.

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We like her choices, but we bet she'll add more to her collection!

Ed Beets, the designer of the Wildlife Collection, has more than 40 years experience in jewelry designing, with several trademarked collections. The Wildlife Collection offers a variety of charms and coed rings available in gold, silver and pewter and includes some really unique wedding band sets. The Sportsman Luck Charms are available in a various designs from deer heads, rattling antlers, turkey, various game animal tracks and even fish. The charms are available in a several sizes with a cord and beaded chain option, earrings and even a keychain.


There is even a charm that can be personalized with the date of a hunter's first buck. I saw the turkey track and knew instantly that I was going to have to order my very own. I also was drawn to the deer head and decided to order that charm as well. One of the most unique things about these charms is that on the back of the charms there is a stamped lucky four-leaf clover.Buck jumping fence. Note the four-leaf clover on the back.

The workmanship and quality of the charms are amazing. I was impressed with the weight of the charm as well. Having both styles available, I will be able to wear the jewelry with dress clothes and casual clothes. To see all of the styles and designs available, check out the Lucky Buck Club’s website. I have a feeling I will be adding to my collection soon.

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