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‘The Debutante Hunters’ wins Yahoo!/Sundance 2012 Shorts Competition

We could not be more happy for Director Maria White over her recent win at the Sundance Film Festival for her work on a short film titled “The Debutante Hunters.” She credits the win to efforts of the cast and crew to use social media and to reach out to people regarding the worthiness of the project. This year, Yahoo! streamed nine short films from the fest on Y!Screen. What a breakthrough, and what a fabulous set of role models in the five women who allowed this private part of their lives to be filmed. We’re just ecstatic. When I blogged about this project last weekend, I had no idea it would win! I wanted to vote, but was too late. So very happy for everyone involved and now, I encourage White and crew to look for more edgy and provocative topics, such as women hunting, and go for it again.

Oh, and what would you like to see filmmakers such as White address in future projects?

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